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  • Main Themes of the Metamophosis

    Main Themes of the Metamophosis

    "What has happened to me? he thought."(Kafka, 495) This quote is from the narrator in Kafka's tale; The Metamorphosis, when Gregor Samsa wakes up and finds himself turned into a giant insect, and it was apparently not a dream. Gregor was a traveling salesman, he hated his job, but he

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  • Major Themes of Mark Haddon's the Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

    Major Themes of Mark Haddon's the Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

    While trust is a somewhat common theme in modern novels, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time manages to show how this idea affects people who live under atypical circumstances. Haddon tells the story through the eyes of Christopher, a fifteen-year-old autistic boy whose view of life, as

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  • Make Four Million Dollars by Next Friday

    Make Four Million Dollars by Next Friday

    Title: Make Four Million Dollars By Next Thursday Author: Stephen Manes This book "Make Four Million Dollars By Next Thursday" is about how to get rich in a week. The main characters in the book are Jason, his mom, Ravi, Stewart, and Dr. K. Pinkerton Silverfish. This story takes place

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  • Make Lemonade

    Make Lemonade

    The novel Make Lemonade by Virginia Euwer Wolff, set in the early 90s, is about fourteen-year-old girl La Vaughn who takes on a babysitting job. She needs to work her way through school to save enough money to get through college. She means to study, to get a better job,

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  • Making History by Stephen Fry

    Making History by Stephen Fry

    Making History by Stephen Fry Making History is a novel by Stephen Fry, who was born in Hampstead, London on Saturday, August 24, 1957 as the son of Alan and Marianne Fry. Except other books such as The Hippopotamus Fry also wrote some plays(e.g. Latin! in 1979) and films and

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  • Making the E-Business Transformation Book Review

    Making the E-Business Transformation Book Review

    Making the E-Business Transformation is a book created by Peter Gloor who is a partner with Deloitte Consulting in Zurich, Switzerland. There at Deloitte's he is the leading e-business initiative for Europe. He is also the vice president in the IT department of Union Bank of Switzerland as well as

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  • Making the Perfect Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

    Making the Perfect Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

    Making the Perfect Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich Nothing is too difficult when one knows what he wants and is familiar with the steps it takes to complete the process. Sometimes the most simple of procedures can be as complex as one decides to make it. Take making a

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  • Malcolm X

    Malcolm X

    Americans often say that Malcolm X was ÐŽothe angriest Negro in AmericaÐŽ± (p. 366). They assume that Malcolm X emphasized only violence to the white and separation of the black from the white. However, is this assumption about Malcolm X really true? Not, at all. The image of Malcolm X

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  • Malcolm X Vs. Dr. King: Passive Vs; Aggressive

    Malcolm X Vs. Dr. King: Passive Vs; Aggressive

    Africans were brought to America by Europeans, not of their own volition, but in chains, without the knowledge that over the next several hundred years, generations and generations of our people would be brutally and unjustly treated as nothing more than property or animals. The era during which slavery flourished,

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  • Malcolm X, a True Self Made Man

    Malcolm X, a True Self Made Man

    Alex Haley, the writer of Malcolm X's biography knew that to succeed in America, a person must be educated. Without education it is almost impossible to achieve the self made man ideology (SMMI). In Malcolm's case he achieved the SMMI without the help of a formal education. Malcolm X's use

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  • Mama Summary

    Mama Summary

    Mama Mama is the story of a struggling mother of five named Mildred Peacock. Mildred is a tough, funny, feisty black woman, hailing from a small town called Point Haven. Her children, Freda, Money, Bootsey, Angel, and Doll seem accustomed to the unstable, sometimes violent life Mildred leads. The

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  • Man on Fire

    Man on Fire

    Man on Fire When I think of an American Hero I immediately think of someone who is strong, intelligent, handsome, and daring. Upon closer examination, many different qualities than these become apparent. Courage, honesty, bravery, selflessness, and the will to try are just a few of the overlooked qualities of

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  • Man Who Was Almost a Man

    Man Who Was Almost a Man

    What does it mean to be a man? How does one qualify for the title? Is the term "man" simply referring to male human beings, or does it hold a greater measure of meaning in society. In order to get more insight into this subject matter, I consulted, " The

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  • Man's Instincts Versus Bear's

    Man's Instincts Versus Bear's

    Man's Instincts versus Bear's In Widrig's Story by G. Galef, two living being's instincts; one of survival, the other of protection and inborn tendencies, collide. When Widrig trespasses into a bear's territory, the affects and instincts that unfold in between the two are clearly seen. Widrig's instincts to save himself

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  • Management


    1. INTRODUCTION In this Field Study Report I have discussed the concept and importance of the Leadership in management, and how it can be used objectively in an organization. For this purpose I have studied and analyzed the techniques being used by ABM Data Systems (Private) Limited, and finally, I

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  • Management and Leadership

    Management and Leadership

    In this paper I will discuss the management and leadership roles and responsibilities in relation to Total Quality Management. Within the past two decades, total quality management represents one of the most profound changes in the way companies are now being managed. According to Biech (1994), "Quality improvement (TQM)

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  • Manager's Bookshelf

    Manager's Bookshelf

    Human side of Enterprise pg 61-68 Theory Y - subordinates develop themselves, self direction The Scanlon Plan - cost reduction sharing, effective participation, Theory X - tactics of control Developing Managerial Talent: Manufacturing approach - build managers through development programs Grow talent through training Theory X - limiting Rewarding Excellence

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  • Managers


    Monday's session began with Saddam displaying the same defiance he showed at the opening of the trial on October 19. Saddam arrived late and then upbraided the judge when asked why. ''They brought me here to the door and I was handcuffed. They cannot bring in the defendant in handcuffs,''

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  • Managing


    The three main competencies of the Mentor Role are "understanding yourself and others, interpersonal communication and developing others" (Hesketh et al pp 4). Because high school students are less experienced the author used this role continually in an effort to develop his students and guide them through their learning

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  • Manchild


    Claude Brown recalls his childhood growing up in Harlem in the 1940's. During this time black people didn't have many rights, and there was a lot of tension between blacks and whites. Brown and his friends were constantly causing trouble. They were always stealing things, beating up on other people,

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  • Manchild in the Promised Land

    Manchild in the Promised Land

    Brentin Pedraza 11/30/05 Final assessment essay English p.1 There are many problems and conflicts in life. Sometimes these problems could exist between a son and daughter and there parents or just between friends. The best known is the conflict between mother and daughter. In class we watched a movie called

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  • Manga


    Comics didn't interest me much until a few years ago: long Indian summers spent reading Archie digests out of utter boredom had convinced me that there wasn't much to the form. It was only when a friend introduced me to Japanese comics (or manga) three years ago that I began

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  • Maniac Magee

    Maniac Magee

    Maniac Magee is about a boy who struggled throughout his life. His name was Jeffrey Lionel Magee, sometimes known as Maniac Magee. His parents died in a trolley accident when he was three years old. He is patient, determined, and he really wants to be loved and understood. He spent

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  • Maniac Magee

    Maniac Magee

    There is this one boy named Jeffery Magee. He has this one friend named Amanda Beale. The story is that after his parent's death, he has to live with his aunt and uncle. The problem is that they won't share anything. One day at a school play they were arguing

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  • Maniac Magee

    Maniac Magee

    My book report is on the book �Maniac Magee’ by Jerry Spinelli. The reason why I chose �Maniac Magee’ is because I love Jerry Spinelli books. They’re always very good. �Maniac Magee’ is kind of a �warm-your-heart’ book. I’ll tell you a little about the story, but not a lot,

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  • Mankind's Evil Exposed in Lord of the Flies

    Mankind's Evil Exposed in Lord of the Flies

    In every person, there is a hidden potential to be evil. The preadolescent boys, who are stranded on the island in William Golding's Lord of the Flies, become associated with many aspects that symbolize certain ideas. Lord of the Flies shows the downfall of the boys from civilized to

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  • Mans Fate

    Mans Fate

    To one who lives in a democratic society the word "Communism" means names such as "Marx," "Lenin," "Stalin," and even "Anastasia." But according to Rodney Guin, a high school history teacher, those within a Communistic system often worry about how they will feed their family tomorrow. The often heard, "Each

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  • Manuel Arguilla Case

    Manuel Arguilla Case

    This short story written by Manuel Arguilla is entitled "How My Brother Leon Brought Home a Wife". The story evolves on the struggles of a certain wife named Maria, who's trying to secure the acceptance of her husband's family. The uniqueness of this story can be seen on how Arguilla

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  • March of the Penguins

    March of the Penguins

    March of the Penguins February 27, 2006 March of the Penguins, by Director Luc Jacquet, demonstrates that sometimes the simplest conflicts in life are perhaps the greatest. This film is penguin versus nature; it's love; it's birth; it's death. Each of the three themes are simple. Each of the themes

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  • March of the Penguins

    March of the Penguins

    March Of The Penguins Essay Response: Emperor penguins have a very unique mating ‘ritual’, which can show how far penguins will go for their children; this can be compared to the parents these days and how far they will go (even lose their life) because of the love they have

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