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Young Goodman Brown's Faith

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Young Goodman Brown's Faith

In the short story, Young Goodman Brown, by Nathaniel Hawthorne, Goodman Brown seems to be more concerned with how his faith appears to other people than the fact that he has decided to meet with the devil. He takes pride in his family's reputation as godly men. His curiosity is what makes him go into the woods. He is self-confident and secure in his knowledge that the world around him is as he believes it to be.

Brown is a coward. He appears on the surface as a God fearing man with faith that could move mountains. This appearance is important to him as he feels he has an obligation to himself and his family's reputation to continue this front. This front is what makes him go on this journey in the woods. He also believes his friends are also religious with the same strong fast faith. This faith is, of course, easily lost as it is weak.

Brown's adventure into the woods to meet with the devil reveals his dark side. This decision aids in his loss of innocence. He knew this journey was dangerous and a threat to his faith, but he chose to go forward anyway.

The very second he enters the forest, his fear starts to work on him. He knows that nothing good is going to come from this visit. As he walks through the forest, he sees all kinds of evil people including the devil. He keeps his wife, Faith, in the back of his mind thinking that if he gets through this journey, he will be a better person and will be able to live a safe and faithful life with his true love.

As he walks through the forest, he meets a man walking with a cane. This man seemed to be like any ordinary man. The only thing that seemed odd to Brown was that his cane was in the shape of a snake. He met with the gentleman and he offered Brown his cane. He said it would help him walk faster, but Brown refuses the cane. He continues to talk with the man telling him about his family and their strong faith as Christians. He is trying to reassure himself, not the man, that he has strong faith as did all his family and friends. Deep down, Brown knows his faith is weak as he is now very curious.

He continues on his journey puzzled that this man knows his father, grandfather, and other faith strong family and friends. He was thinking that it could not be possible because his family would never be associated with such a man. As he continues to walk, he sees a woman that looks like the woman that taught him catechism, Goody Cloyse. He did not want her to see him with this man. The man stops and gets her attention. She reveals to Brown that he is the devil and she is a witch and on her way to the evil ceremony. At this point, Brown is really confused. He wants to turn back and go home to Faith, but his curiosity is now even more intrigued. His faith being weakened more and more along the way and his curiosity causes him to continue on.

He continues his journey to find even more



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