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You Wouldn't Say So

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FB Alpha -


FB Alpha is an arcade emulator supporting the following hardware platforms;

- Capcom CPS-1

- Capcom CPS-2

- Cave

- Neo Geo

- Toaplan

- Taito Rainbow Islands/Operation Wolf/Rastan

- Psikyo 68EC020 based hardware

- misc stuff we like

What's New?



This is still an alpha release!

Note that, if compiled with GCC, you will need to use version 3.3.x, and

the experimental DirectX 9 blitter is not built.

- Changed the way FB Alpha looks for ROMs. Now, it will always check the last

path for any given .zip file, even when a .zip file of the same name is

present in another path. This way, we can keep ROMs that are only needed

for FB Alpha separate

without sacrifising compatibility with other emulators;

- Changed the way Neo Geo memory cards work, allowing the use of 1 megabit


- Emulated protection in Super Sidekicks (was patched before);

- Fixed the last few bad game names / bad ROM definitions;

- Fixed a few minor issues in the makefile for mingw/cygwin;

- The debugger is now only compiled for debug builds;

- Minor updates to compile documentation;

- Fixed a crash at startup for some systems when autopause was activated;


This is still an alpha release!

Note that, if compiled with GCC, you will need to use version 3.3.x, and

the experimental DirectX 9 blitter is not built.

- Implemented workarounds to the FB Alpha executable to allow the use of windres

as the resource compiler (it cannot zero-terminate strings or use a string as

an RCDATA resource);

- Cleaned up the makefiles (variables/options now defined in the main makefile);

- Fixed a few game names / bad ROM definitions;

- Fixed CPS1 games sound / crashing if started as the 1st game;

- Fixed the Psikyo games that use an YM2610 for sound;

- Fixed a few problems with ANSI builds;


This is still an alpha release!

Note that this version CANNOT be compiled with GCC!

- Added UI translation capability (using templates);

- Converted all code to optionally use unicode;

- Added a driver for 68EC020 based Psikyo hardware;

- Added the English language version of Dangun Feveron;

- Added a built-in graphical 68000 family debugger;

- Added a second 68000 CPU core. For plain 68000 CPUs you can select

which core to use, the new one also emulates 68010 and 68EC020 CPUs;

- Fixed the overclock feature for Neo Geo;

- Added a DirectX Graphics 9 blitter (see system requirements, below);

- Performed miscellaneous major and minor bugfixes;


This is still an alpha release!

- Fixed all the new bugs introduced in the previous version;

- Fixed the raster effects in Samurai Shodown 3;

- Preview images can be any png file upto 1024x1024 pixels;

- Added descriptive text to screenshot png files.

- Added a system information dialog that's used when FB Alpha crashes;

- Added the english language versions of mahoudai and shippumd;


This is an alpha release! Again, although we expect very few problems,

there still might be some we've not seen.

- Fixed most of the remaining problems in v0.2.94.96;

- Shortcut keys have changed;

- Directories used by FB Alpha have changed;

- Readme updated (read it completely even if you've read the earlier


- The Neo Geo driver now always uses a real AES BIOS in AES mode, more

differences between AES and MVS are emulated now as well;


This is an alpha release! Although we don't expect any big problems,

it has not been extensively tested.

- Fixed most of the problems in v0.2.94.56;


This is an alpha release!

- Added a driver for Neogeo games;

- too many



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