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Women's Australian Auxiliary Air Force

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Though during the war there was not a particular women that stood out as a major protagonist there was many strong groups of women that contributed to services such as the:

Women's Australian Auxiliary Air Force (WAAAF)

This service was first formed in 1941 to replace male wireless telegraphy operators in oversea services.The women in this force were not able to fly A number of the WAAAF members had technical skills which includes communication, signals and mechanics. These women overall did most of the jobs that were traditionally catered for men but yet were paid only 2/3 of the men wages in equivalent position. In October 1944 the WAAAF had soon reached its peak of membership at over 18,000, serving in about 200 stations throughout Australia.

Australian Women's Army Service (AWAS)

It was first introduced on 13 August 1941and became operational in October 1941. It was formed so that men could be released from their military duties to be placed in fighting units. The service aimed to involve single women of ages 18-45 but widows with children were also able to enlist. Until the end of the war the AWAS had around 24,026 volunteers enlisted. The members in AWAS contributed to work as mechanics, drivers, cooks, telecommunications officers, typists along with many other occupations. This service was the only non medical service to send across staff overseas where 350 women were stationed in Lae, Hollandia and Rabaul until near the end of the war. On 30 June 1947 the service was demolished.

Women's Royal Australian Naval Service (WRANS)

In October 1942 was when the Women's Royal Australian Naval Service was formed. Many of WRANS members were involved as technical specialists such as typists, clerks, stewards, cooks, and orderlies, but they also contributed to top secret work. No more than 3000 women enlisted at any one time during the war. The WRANS was disbanded in 1948, reconstituted in 1951, and then disbanded in 1984.

Australian Women's Land Army (AWLA)

It was first established on 27 July 1942. This service was created to replace male farm workers who had either joined essential



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