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Will Smith's Accomplishments

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Essay Preview: Will Smith's Accomplishments

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Will Smith was born and raised in Philadelphia. In his early life he had already gained the nickname "fresh prince" in high school. He then graduated from Overbrook High School. Smiths good SAT scores didn't satisfy him to get him into MIT. His plan was to study computer engineering Despite good SAT scores. In the year 1990 Smith was near bankruptcy but that was when the NBC television network assigned him to a contract on today's hits the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air which got him ready for his acting career

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was one of Will Smith's successful hits. It's day view was on the year 1990 and last episode in 1996. His two movies were hugely successful: Independence Day ,in which he played a fearless and confident fighter pilot, and Men in Black ,where he played the confident agent J. From then on he has gained lead in many successes including Men in Black II, Bad Boys II, Hitch, and I, Robot.

Will Smith would be a great model across the country because of his many accomplishments. Even though as a teenager he didn't get his dreams of being a computer engineer he now is a multi media star. Like other stars he didn't just stick with singing he now does the three major entertainment media in the United States film, television, and the music industry.

Many young people sees Will Smith as a big role model. His trait is also very important, he is very humorous in movies and comedies. These are all my reasons why Will Smith is a big influence to me.



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