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What Is the Federal Government's Single Greatest Responsibility to the Public?

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Essay Preview: What Is the Federal Government's Single Greatest Responsibility to the Public?

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What is the federal government's single greatest responsibility to the


In my opinion the federal government has many responsibilities to the

public, but most importantly is its pledge of protection to the public.

When I say protection, I mean not only from military attacks from other

countries, but by supplying funds for all the needs of the citizens. As the

population in the U.S. increases and federal funds decrease, the government

tends to forget all of the little people who elected the politicians into

office. The people to whom I am referring are the farmers and small

business owners, who rely on the government's support to protect their

investments. As shipping and international money-exchange has become easier

and faster, the ability for small business owners or farmers to sell their

goods have conversely become harder. I believe that it is the gocernment's

responsibility to ensure that these people do not struggle to earn a living.

Bills such as trade restrictions, etc are created so these people can earn

a living.

Another type of protection that the government must provide

abundantly is aid to the smaller governments, such as state or city offices.

I feel that this is most important in crime-ridden, overpopulated cities,

such as New York or Los Angeles. These are the great tourist attractions in

America, but they don't receive the recognition that they deserve from the

government. Without government funds, these cities don't have enough money

for upkeeping and allow their images to become tarnished. This will cause a




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