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What I Thought of Schindler's List

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Essay Preview: What I Thought of Schindler's List

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(#1) What I Thought of Schindler's List

I thought this was an excellent movie. It was very graphic and had a lot of shocking scenes. The movie Schindler's List, was about the Holocaust. Before seeing the movie, I did not know very much about the Holocaust. The only thing I knew was that Hitler was a bad person and he made a lot of Jews suffer. I learnt that the Holocaust wasn't just about Hitler; it was about how Jews suffered for years. They were tortured, put into concentration camps, split up from their families, killed, and were slaves. After seeing the movie, I felt bad because I didn't know that the Holocaust was as bad as the movie portrayed it to be. I did not know that so many people suffered. I learnt a lot watching this amazing movie. I felt that seeing this movie was very important because it is educational, shocking and portrayed very well. The movie is a true story about how a man, Oscar Schindler, persuades the Germans to let him open up a factory. His idea is to get Jews to work in his factory. The Jews who got to work in the factory were thankful because if they were not at the factory, they would either be killed or have to go to concentration camps. When I saw the color red, on the little girl, wearing the jacket, I thought of how innocent she was. In Schindler's list, I think that the color red represents innocence. When Oscar Schindler was looking at the little girl outside his window, he saw the color red I think it's because red is such a bold color just like how the innocence sticks out so much in the little girl.

(#2) Learning About the Holocaust in School

I think the Holocaust is an important subject to be addressed in High School history courses because it was one of the biggest events in the past. The point of history is to learn about the major events of the past and gain knowledge of past mistakes, inventions, tragedies, successes and, mistakes. What would history be without learning about the Holocaust? The Holocaust is such a big part of history. High School students would be ripped off if they did not get the chance to learn about this important time. So many Jews suffered and it is only fair to let students know about how hard it was for them. It would be a tragedy for their suffering to have been in vain.



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