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Trump's Claim

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Trump's claim is who should get fired between Holly, Cindy and Brett. By asking Holly who should get fired and she answers Cindy, he wants to know why. He arguing that she had the best room of the project. He is also saying that he likes her spirit and seems that she wants to win and wants to do good. During his argument he is also trying to get information from his colleges and from the contestants to help him in determining his decision by getting all the facts of others to help him in arguing who should get fired, he almost seems to be trying to lead the other contestants another direction by stating flaws in the others as well.

The claim that Trump is using is factual which means that factual claims assert that a condition has, does, or will exist. These claims are called factual claims since they are supported by factual, verifiable information such as statistics, specific examples, and personal testimony. This is factual because he is using the personal testimony from Cindy when she says that the idea for the room came from Holly earlier in the show. This is a problem for Cindy because the color red of the room was one of the high points of the contest. The other being the photographs that were Brett's work. This is evidence that helps him in justifying why Cindy should get fired. Other evidence is from what Holly and Brett had to say when they both choose Cindy to get fired. The argument that Holly had about Cindy is that she is hard to work with was not a team player. The ideas came from Holly not her and that Holly was doing all of the work in the other six rooms while Cindy focused on just on one room. She also stated that Brett worked hard and did what was asked of him from her as she was the project manager. All of this was evidence to help form an opinion about the contestants.

The language used in this scene seems to be more temperamental and defensive from the contestant's point of view. Some of the points could both be considered to have vagueness and ambiguity in it. Because of the opinions that were brought up by Brett saying that he couldn't do any more work then what he did, and that he says he tried his hardest from this its vague because you cannot know how much he actually did or could have done more. Cindy was on the defensive and she was using foul language and ambiguity because it seemed like she was using some uncertainty in her argument. Cindy does not defend herself well. She is on the defensive and does not keep her composure during the argument. By doing this and interrupting



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