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The only Thing a Deaf Person Can't Do Is Hear

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Essay Preview: The only Thing a Deaf Person Can't Do Is Hear

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My research paper is on I. King Jordan, so upon visiting Gallaudet University and receiving the assignment to find out about a building on campus I decided to check out the office of Jordan. His office is located in a building that used to house male students. The dorm was unique in that some places the tile that was laid was from left over material from Capitol Hill. The secretaries area was large and had students artwork displayed and pictures of Jordan with famous people such as Bill Clinton. The office also housed a display of the old door bells that were used in the past. It was a huge contraption that had to be pulled manually to make a very loud clanking noise. Now on campus some of the rooms are equipped with lighted alarms to alert others there is someone at the door.

Like most colleges, Gallaudet had some traditions. One of which involved a secret prank. Every year the freshman class would gather on the front outdoor stairs for an end of the year photograph. They would line up properly on the stairs so each student would be seen in the picture. Meanwhile, the upperclassmen would be in the building on the floors above the staircase preparing a surprise. Just as the picture was being taken the freshman would get buckets of water dropped on them. Every year this happened and every year it was kept secret because the sophomores and other upperclassmen wanted to make sure they weren't the last class to get wet.

Visiting the campus and this building in particular was entertaining. I learned how things have progressed for the better.



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