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The Curator's Eye

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The Curator's Eye presentations have introduced you to several significant art styles throughout the late 19th and 20th Centuries. This assignment will allow you to explore the work of a 20th Century artist of your choice who has worked in sculpture and/or installation art. The assignment has two parts:

 the creation of an original sculpture and/or installation inspired by the work of your chosen artist

 a written proposal to have your work of art installed in a specific location

Part 1: Research

 Select an artist from the 20th Century who worked in sculpture and/or installation art. Provide your teacher with the name of the artist and an image of the work of art you will be using for inspiration.

 Research the artist and her or his work using the internet, books, videos, etc.

 Research locations for your sculpture/installation to find out why it would be a suitable location

Part 2: Sculpture and/or Installation Art

Using the information you have researched, create an original sculpture and/or installation inspired by your chosen artist. Your creation must demonstrate that you understand the concept and intent behind the creation of the work of art by your chosen artist. You may choose to explore similar subjects or themes, use similar techniques or materials, or create a piece that is conceptually similar to the intent or purpose of the artist. You will be responsible for acquiring materials needed for your sculpture/installation.

 You will discuss your sculpture or installation piece with your teacher no later than Monday Dec. 10 2012. You must have some sketches and an idea of the materials you will be using for your project at that time.

 Your sculpture and/or installation is due on or before Thursday Dec. 20 2012 with all preliminary sketches. Be prepared for a class critique on that day.

Part 3: Written Proposal

You must submit a written proposal for your artwork. This should follow the outline provided.

The final written proposal must be typed and double spaced.

Your final written proposal is due on or before Thursday Dec. 20 2012.

Artist's Proposal


Artist: _______________________________________________________________




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