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Red Man's Speech

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Today's hot and sunny Red Man, perhaps it's the huge mass of people but I'm really getting hot in this tinny room for sure, the walls are shattered, the floor is ruined, those punks are cutting out the breeze I need!. God damn it! I'm sweating like a pig on a day-spa but it doesn't matter, it'll worth it. Should I pull the trigger now? No, not yet. I'll wait, after all, I've been waiting for this moment long time ago. I can see your fat ass standing on the stage above a fiercely crowd, shouting, mocking, smiling at sometimes, but incredibly mad at most of your speech. Where did you get that watch? it's a nice one, I guess you deserve it, because you know, time is the most essential thing, and those shoes man! those are not the same ones you wore four years ago, but it's all right, same way you'll pay for them in a few minutes.

Maybe I'm getting angry, too angry to lose my concentration, I need to stay sharp. Focus man, just focus. It's incredible how people can even listen to your idiotic non-sense bullshit through all this time, Imperialism this, fascism that, your right, people's wrong and yada yada yada... the huge mass of drunk people are quite still, looking like mummified puppets wandering when in the name of Jesus you will stop.

Before doing my task, tell me red man, why are you always wearing that little red hat? and why people seem so attracted to the notions of your selfish and out of this world reality? I gotta make a shot now, I'm tripping, the young lady is looking at me from that corner, perhaps she knows my plan, I gotta hurry, I'm losing

my chance. Should I do it? I can't afford not to, my country has my back, destiny has my back, I'm not crazy, I just don't want to

hear your voice no more, I wish to watch T.V. without your stupid face interrupting the shows I love. I'm sick and tired of all of this, the time is running, my patience's dying, We will win Red Man, you'll see, we will win. My hands are all wet now, this will definitely affect my accuracy. This is my chance, I can see your eyes are full of hate.

Wait a second, now you talking about your grandma? I don't give a damn about your daughter's little stupid turtle! Come on, you certainly are off the chain now, fucking Red Man!



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