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Paul's Views on Government

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Essay Preview: Paul's Views on Government

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Paul's views on Government

The first part of Paul's letter to the Romans is very important because during the beginning he gives his credentials so that he may give authenticity to his letter. He declares himself "a servant of Jesus Christ called to be an apostle" Romans 1:1. This is to give himself credibility when he discusses God's will.

The meat and bones of this book starts with the idea of election. The current government of the Romans was mainly aristocratic with the largely powerless senate and the ever powerful Cesar. Depending on your choice of interpretation you might think that Paul deals with the act of free will in Ch. 9. A Calvinistic view would dive into God giving us free will, and ending up believing that God causes us to do the things that we do. If you believe that God created us all in his image then you would be against the Roman type of government because if we are all created in God's image we are all created equally and no one person can be placed above another.

Paul, as well many of the Israelites hated the Roman government and its methods (e.g. crucifixion). But unlike many of his peers Paul felt that as cruel and unsatisfactory the Romans treated the Israelites Paul believed that "those authorities that exist have been instituted by God. Therefore whoever resists authority resists what God has appointed, and those who resist will incur judgment" Romans 13:1-2. Paul believes that all the current institutions were created by God. This might be because Paul himself was a minister of God that was ordained by God. He might also have believed the political institutions were like he was, ordained by God.

Paul also seemed to believe that since everything was according to God's will that God created a state around and for the Israelites. A big portion of this gospel is also dedicated to the spreading of the gospel to everyone, even the gentiles. While there were some people that Paul considered 'weak' Christians, Paul still believe that the gospel was for them as well.

Over all I believe that Paul understood his position in society, and believing it to be God's will he accepted it and implored others to follow God's will as well. To Paul the state existed for God's will and for purposes for God himself. As in regards to



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