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Parkinson's Disease: New Vitamin

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Essay Preview: Parkinson's Disease: New Vitamin

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Parkinson's Disease: New Vitamin

Parkinson's Disease affects nearly four million people in the world, at this time there is no known cure for the disease. Researchers say Parkinson's disease causes loss of muscle control and gradually worsens overtime. The disease attacks the mitochondria and kills off the nerve cells that produce dopamine. Without dopamine you would not have normal body movements. Thus, dopamine is essential when it comes to having normal control of your muscle movements.

According to a neurologist from the University of California, researchers have found a vitamin that slows the progression of Parkinson's disease. This vitamin is known as coenzyme Q-10. The new vitamin helps the mitochondria rearrangement the electrons. Unlike prescribed drugs that only treat the symptoms, this new vitamin will aid in slowing the progression of the disease. Q-10 being sold as an over the counter dietary supplement, creates less expenses for the patient and makes the vitamin easier for individuals to obtain without a prescription. The prescribed drugs that are on the market today are expensive and are less effective over time than Q-10 so patient would have to increase the dosage of the prescribed drugs for it to keep working.

Eighty patients suffering from Parkinson's disease volunteered to help research Q-10. The results concluded that those who took the vitamin had a lot better control of their muscle movement and their overall symptoms from the disease were significantly reduced than those that did not take the vitamin.

This break through, I believe is just the beginning into understanding and treating Parkinson's Disease. It is a disease that causes, crippling and deterioration of the body, I believe we will have a cure one day for it. I personally do not know of anyone that suffers from Parkinson's, but a good example of how this disease progresses and controls your body and muscle movement is the actor, Michael J. Fox. He has suffered from this disease for many years and you can see over time how the disease has affects his life and appearance.

I thought this article was very interesting and explained a lot of information about Parkinson's disease that I didn't know. I did not realize how little I know about the disease and that so many people suffered from it. Now I have a better understanding of where



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