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Pandora's Battery

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Disinter v3.80 is now released which contains Despertar Cementerio v4, and 3.80 M33-5.

Just follow the same instructions with this newer version.


As some of you know, the original Pandora Jigkick Memory Sticks were designed only to boot from the Memorystick, and not the actual PSP. This tutorial wlil show you how to turn your PSP into a Dual-Boot Setup, allowing you to either use Despertar Cementerio v3 or your normal XMB.

You will have the choice of 3 options on booting our PSP:

# Nothing = Normal PSP XMB

# R Trigger = Recovery Menu for Custom Firmware

# L Trigger = Despertar Cementerio v3

It is EXTREMELY important that you follow this tutorial exactly step-by-step, otherwise you could come across some serious trouble.

OK, Firstly you will need the following:


# A Memory Pro DUO Memory Stick (with MagicGate) no smaller than 128mb

# The Files to create your Memory Stick, which you can download here

# 1.50, 3.40, and 3.71 Official Firmware Eboot Files

You will also need one of the two following PSP Setups:

# Original PSP running 3.xx OE/M33 Custom Firmware

# Slim PSP running 3.60 or 3.71 M33 Custom Firmware

Once you've got all this ready, let's start with the Tutorial!!

Step 1: Backing up any Previous Data

The first thinig you'll want to do is back up any data off the Memory Stick. If your Memory Stick can handle an extra 40mb you can easily have this setup on your Memory Stick and still use it for normal PSP usage. When you are finished, disconnect from USB mode.

Step 2: Formatting your Memory Stick for Pandora

Firstly you need to install Disinter v2.2. Once you install Disinter, select the 3.71 Unbricker/Installer (highlighted in Green) and load in your Eboot files (highlighted in Blue). Now you can turn USB mode back on via the PSP, you will see this popup window appear.

The PSP drive will now show up in the area highlighted in Red (in my case it is Drive L). Proceed with Step one of Disinter (highlighted in Orange), which will install the Pandora 3.xx Installer to your PSP. This is the program you will use to Format your Memory Stick. You will see a confirmation message shown below when it's done.

Disconnect the USB, go to Game -> Memory Stick on your PSP, and select the Pandora Installer for 3.xx

When you are at this menu, you need to press R Trigger + X to Format your Memory Stick, as shwon in the below screenshot. The option you need to select is highlighted in Green.

You will see this screen just before you format, giving you one last chance to exit. Press L Trigger + R Trigger + X to format your Memory Stick.

When the format is completed, your PSP will be automatically shut down.

Step 3: Installing files to the Memory Stick for Pandora

Reconnect your USB and select Step Two of Disinter (highlighted in Purple). The copy process this time will take a bit longer, as it is now copying over the Eboot files, Despertar Cementerio, and the 1.50 Kernel Addon which can be used with 3.71 M33-2 and Original PSPs. When it is completed you will see the following confirmation window. However, in order to make the Dual-Boot we will do things a little differently here.

Step 4: Installing Despertar Cementerio

Disconnect your USB, go to Game -> Memory Stick on your PSP, and select Despertar Del Cementerio.

It will ask you to press X to install the nessecary files to your Memory Stick. You should see something similar to this screenshot when it is complete (the program will automatically



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