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Odysseus' Lessons

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On Odysseus journey home, he learned many lessons as on of themÐ'...he

learned that he needs the help of others. His men for instance helped him fight in

the Trojan War. They put together a large horse to sit and wait in, and in a

building where the Trojans were celebrating, for they thought they had won the

war. Once everybody was asleep, they got out of the horse, and started to attack

everybody and killed everybody that was in sight. They won the war without

losing any men in the group. Another way he helped was by his men rowing their

boats to all the places so they could get more information on how to get home to

Ithaca. One of many gods that helped him was Aedus. Aedus gave him a bag of

bad winds to get him home to Ithaca. All the winds were in the bag except for the

west wind. The west wind will get him and his men home safely unless the bag is

opened. If the bags of winds were to open all the winds would get out, and

Odysseus would get turned back even further away from Ithaca.

Odysseus learned many lessons during his journey home to Ithaca. One of

his lessons was that he got some wisdom. While on his journey he learned how

to get around things the hard way. Instead of going through on land and on a

pathway he went through water, and which the water gods would try to kill him.

He got through safely with most of his men, and then they got into another

situation just like the whole story. Another lesson he got was courage. The

courage came from fighting all the monsters of evil. There were huge man-eating

flowers inside a cave. He lost six men, but got through the rest of the cave with

all his men. They were deadly gods who tried to kill his crew but only Odysseus

survives. And he floated to an island where he was captured for days, but to us

was years. With his courage, he built a boat and sailed off to another island for

help. And that is what he got, help.



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