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Midsummer Night's Dream

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In Shakespeare's, MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM, he wrote about a tragedy that he turned into a comedy. He did this to show his audience how stupid humans can act upon their emotions. There are three plots that tie together with one main situation. There is Hermia and Lysander, two star crossed lovers that can't be together. Hermia's father wants her to marry Demetrius who Hermia's bestfriend Helena loves. Demetrius loves Hermia and try's to pursue her. Then there is Oberon and Titania the King and Queen of the fairies. Oberon is jealous of Titania because she has an Indian boy that she's spending all her time with. He wants the baby and they have a quarrel about it. So as revenge he gets his servant Puck, a fairy, to put a potion in her eyes to distract her when Oberon steals her baby. But this potion made her fall inlove with the first living thing she saw which cooincidently was a jack ass. At first Oberon was amused but then he realized he didn't like how her attention was on the jack ass and not him. Last but not least is a group of dorky guys who are making a play for the first time. Their play is about a tragic love story that ends up in the death of both the lovers because they couldn't be together. The fairies and these clowns that are making the play are very essential for the main plot of Hermia and Lysander and their problems, because it shows how people really act and how their effects are showed in the play.

The fairies are essential to the main plot because without Puck there wouldn't have been a comedy at all. Even though he brought confusion to Hermia and Helena about how Lysander and Demetrius both all of the sudden fall inlove with Hermia, at the end Oberon fixed the situation so everyone would be happy.

The clowns are also needed because the play they are acting out shows if two lovers can't have each other the way they do, they act on emotions instead of logic and reality, they would take dramatic actions. This play within the play was suppose to show how if you try to keep people away from each other when they don't want to be separated they will do something to act upon your rule. Just like Lysander and Hermia running away to be together against her father's wishes. Without this play, Theseus would have never seen it and talked to Hermia's father to change his mind and allowing his daughter to marry Lysander.



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