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Maya Angelou's Biography

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Essay Preview: Maya Angelou's Biography

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Maya Angelou is a multi-talented person. She is the african female that always struggle for herself and her life. She is the woman who always care to everyone around her. She also the creative poet that always write many poems which is related with life. Her poetry becomes famous because of her hardships of life. In her poetry, it seems as is she is telling a story.

Her story goes like this, she was born on April 4th, 1928. When she was child, that about 3 years old, her parents get separated and she along with her 4 years old brother was sent to live with their grand mother. After 4 years, they were returned back to their mother. When Angelou was 8 years old, she was abused by her mother's boyfriend that was killed by Angelou's uncle then. After this incidents, Angelou was in great shock and she started the poetry and started to believe in her words and minds.

When she was staying in summers with her father in 1940, she was beaten by her father's girlfriend. How pity she is!!

At last, she ran away and stayed a month in the house of homeless children After a month, she contacted her mother and went back to San Francisco (in her mother's house).

When she was 16 years old, she had a son named Guy Raphael Johnson, who also turned out to be a poet afterward in his life. She started to sing in order to support herself.

So, these hardships that she faced with courage and also it is reflected in her poetry that strengthen her words that can touch people's heart when read and listen her poems.

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