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Maslow's Hierarchy on Needs

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Maslow's Hierarchy on needs is a theory that says you as a person must choose between biological needs and desire based on learning. The basic idea behind this hierarchy is that we are born with certain needs that we can't live with out. Without meeting these initial needs we will not be able to continue our life and move upward on hierarchy. This first level consists of our physiological needs, or our basic needs for survival. Without food, water, sleep, and oxygen, nothing else in life matters. If we didn't have what our body needs to function we would never be able to continue up the hierarchy.

Every person has certain needs to live. The bottom section of the hierarchy is the basic needs for life. You need food, water, oxygen and sleep. If you didn't have any of these needs you would never reach the top. In the world you would die if you didn't have these necessities of life. Once you have the bottom fulfilled you can move up to the next level which is safety. Safety consists of comfort, freedom from fear, clothing and shelter. You need clothing and a home to live in to enjoy life. You don't need it to live but it makes life easier.

Once you have those two parts completed are satisfied you can move into attachment and affiliation. This is a need to love and be loved. You need this to be fully happy. Everybody needs somebody to socialize and interact with. It you didn't you wouldn't be able to reach up to the next level. That level it esteem, which is confidence, self esteem and respect from others. When you have people that like you for who you are



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