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Kyle (brad's Sister) Gets a Virus

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Essay Preview: Kyle (brad's Sister) Gets a Virus

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Kyle (Brad's sister) gets a virus:

Kyle chose not to go to work that day. She wanted to stay and play with Brad's new toy even thought Brad warned her to stay away. Now Kyle was uneducated because she chose to work rather then go to school because that is what her parents did. As soon as Brad left for school, Kyle could not help her self to resist the foreign object. She only has heard about it but never truly used one. Kyle unlike most first time users picked up how to use it pretty quickly. She figured out that she could talk to people across the world. She was very trust worthy and talk to everybody. She was browsing the Internet when she stumbled onto an English speaking Japanese chat room. She really wanted to know what Japan was like because that is where she wanted to go most of all. Jo Wan Kim said hello and she told him her wish. He told her he could send some pictures. Kyle was excited to receive her first email. She opened and the computer went black. Kyle gasped and ran out of the room.

Brad came home and ran to his computer but it would not turn on. He couldn't figure out why and so he called the computer company. They talked for hours and were finally able to get it started. Brad figured out it was a virus and was able to fix it. However he lost all the research that he had done. He was crushed and walked out and into the kitchen and made diner. He never said a word to his sister but just smiled and acted like the usual big brother.



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