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Hell's Angels

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The book that I read was called Hell’s Angels. This book is a biography of the infamous 1960’s California motorcycle gang. These Hell’s Angels were mostly known for the Harley’s they rode and for some of the nasty malicious crimes they committed.

In this book the Hell’s Angels roam from place to place all over the California. The two most significant places would seem to be San Francisco and Oakland, where the two largest Hell’s Angels groups were in the 1960’s. The settings are important to the story in the fact that that’s where the largest Hell’s Angels populations are. But the events could have happened just about anywhere in California.

There is not one main character in this book, there are several. The two main ones would have to be Tiny and Thompson himself. Tiny’s name suits him well, standing 5/4 and a stringy man. But don’t be fooled, he will kill you. The physical appearance of Thompson is not mentioned in this book. There are no protagonists in this book, besides the police. The antagonists include many motorcycle gangs, such as: Hell’s Angels, Satan’s Slaves, Gypsy Jokers, One-Percenters, and many others. Tiny and Thompson are both dynamic. Neither of them changed during the story.

The main conflict in this story would be the rape at Bass Lake. The people who were involved were 13 Hell’s Angels and 4 teenage girls. The end result of this conflict is that the girls finally cracked and said they had made up the whole accusation, they themselves wanted to have sex with the Hell’s Angels. The Angel’s were set free.

Hunter S. Thompson has tried to tell his readers that the Hell’s Angels are a crazy people and be careful around them, he found out after this book had been released to the public. 5 Hell’s Angels saw Thompson in a bar and didn’t like what he had written about so they decided to beat the crap out of, lucky for Thompson Tiny was there and saved him, Thompson said If there’s one guy you want to see on your side its Tiny.Thompson was trying to imply that being in the Hell’s...



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