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Family of Phillips's

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Chaz Phillips

Family essay

Family of Phillips's

The Phillips family is one of much busy-ness. From the constant movement of kids to the amount of work that we are asked to do around the house to maintain and keep up our household. It's hard to find peace and quiet in our home with TVs and a power ranger obsessed five year old. But even with all of that were still family its hard to say but family doesn't really mean that much to me any more its a really bad thing but I don't feel close to them I'm not in any sports and so I feel like I get pushed to the back.

In my family we have six members my dad and mom, my brother Kevin which is thirteen, my sister Keerstyn who is nine I think, my youngest sibling Kyle who is five and addicted to power rangers, and I my brother Kevin is one of the best keepers in Arizona (for people that don't known fьЯball) he is one if not the best soccer goalies. My sister is in club soccer and dance, she never seems to stop dancing which drives me insane. And we got Kyle he's starting the sports scene if my parents find time to take him. I on the other hand don't play any sports I am an outdoorsman but I am never able to go out other then the rare scout camp I decide to go to. Its hard for my family to actually take time off to relax is a daunting task.

I happen to have grand parents down in Oracle a quaint tow out side of Tucson. We visit them every time we travel to Tucson. My other grand parents and most of my cousins live in Oregon, Utah and Idaho; we rarely see them. But when we do I actually have fun; because I get included. I really like my cousins even though they are twice my age but they are all really cool. Like we had Christmas at there house and one night all the guys minus my bro whipped out laptops all running different operating systems and shared some of the most funny viral videos it was a time I will all ways remember.

Our family owns a couple pets. We have two dogs a cat and a salt water fish tank. Our cat Zeena loves to torment our dogs by lying in front of our glass doors. She also loves to jump at the tank. She thinks she can get the fish but she can't; but by doing so she gives me limitless entertainment. It is hard to take care of the pets but they are part of



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