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Elie Wiesel's Night

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Elie Wiesel’s Night

The holocaust made it difficult for the Jews. In the novel Night by Elie Wiesel, Elie and his family suffered. They were sent to concentration camps. Elie and his father were beat up by the Nazi. Elie changed spiritually, physically, and emotionally.

Elie changed spiritually from the beginning of the book to his arrival at the barracks of Auschwitz. At the beginning, Elie wanted to learn Kabbalah, but his dad did not want him to learn Kaballah. As the time passed by Elie became weaker because he was remove to a camp. At the camp he entered to a new world where everything was different all his beliefs went down. Elie thought god did not care about him also Elie didn’t pray anymore because he said that there was no reason to do that since god made the crematoria to kill all the Jews. Elie changed from a religious boy to a non-religious.

From the beginning of the book to the end Elie had make some physically changes. On page six the book stated that “Elie was a young 13 years old boy that was strong, and smart. He did not work just played because he wasn’t force to do so, but on page 12 Elie had totally changed because now he is skinny. The reason that he is skinny is that he does not eat a lot. He is at a camp where he gets a portion of bread. Some times he does not get to eat at all. One day he gave his portion to an inmate who took his crown from his mouth. Another reason why he changed is that he works a lot everyday. He has to work and be strong because of he doesn’t he would die. On page 49 the book says “that Elie works the construction kommando and at the warehouse of electrical materials”. One page 56, 57, Elie left work and saw one guy with a girl and the guy got mad and told Elie he would pay later. They brought a crate out for Elie to lean his across. These are some reasons why Elie changed physically.

Elie changed emotionally from the beginning of his experience to the end. Elie, at first, was a normal guy who did not know a lot of things. At the beginning of the book his dream was to study kaballah, but on page 4 his dad told him “there are no Kabbalist in Sighet”. Elie’s dream to become a Kabbalist was so strong that he did not care what his dad says. Later on, in the book made some drastic changes such as beliefs because he not longer believed



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