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Dante's Inferno Ronson's

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Essay Preview: Dante's Inferno Ronson's

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Manson gets hard time church for eternity.

As I enter the land known as the fourth circle, it was called the heretics. The word heretic means a person or persons who go against the churches beliefs. As I went into the land of heretics, I blinded by the brightness of the church and everything is sight, I was overtaken by the smell of fresh clean holy air. Also when I walked in, I heard some church music and I saw a tall, skinny, black haired man who was covering his ears, trembling and shaking his head. I got a little closer to see who it was. As I got closer I finally figured out that it was Marilyn Manson who I'd been staring at for a couple of minutes. Marilyn Manson is a heavy metal singer who is also a Satanist. He has done many things to corrupt the teenage minds of our future. Marilyn Manson has added his thoughts and ideas on life, god, and the bible into his horrible bad sounding, ear-piercing music. The main reason why Marilyn Manson is in this stage of hell is because he is a person that goes against what the church says about the bible. His punishment is to sit in the church for all eternity listening to a priest's sermon for all eternity.

The "No Limit Soldier" Master P has not only a limit, but also has nothing!

Then I moved on into the next level, in which I found a much more corrupt state of being. It was very gloomy with a large amount of fog that was so heavy it felt like a dark cloudy cover covering your body. Then all of a sudden I felt something brush up against me and I turned around to see what it was, and all I saw was something moving away from me in a hurry. So I followed it at a brisk pace to see what it was. When I finally caught up to it, I saw the strangest thing. It was a black man who was striped of his clothes crouching in a very fast moving walk. The man was swinging at the floor, and then I realized that there was a dollar that he was chasing. A couple of times he got very close to getting it but then it just slipped out of his fingers. It finally hit me that the man was Master P. The only reason that I could tell was because when he kept screaming at the dollar to stop moving, and when he opened his mouth I could see a sparkle and I remembered reading an article on how much platinum that Master P had in his mouth. I also read an article about the billion-dollar house with gold ceilings, marble pool, and hundreds



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