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Congrats When It's Due

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Congrats when it's due

A recent issue of a newspaper showed an article dealing with bodies that had been dug up from a graveyard filled with other victims of Saddam's evil reign. Underneath it, was another article of Bush assuring that we will find weapons of mass destruction. This is one of the reasons that we committed the lives of American men and women in Iraq, to oust Saddam Hussein's regime. But people still say that without the U.S. finding stores of unconventional weapons, the reason for the war will not be justified.

On the issue of WMD, we do not need to find any weapons of mass destruction to justify this war. Those bodies, and the thousands more that will be likely be unearthed, are enough justification for the world. President Bush doesn't owe them any explanation for missing chemical weapons. Is it not clear that in ending Saddam's tyrannical regime, an evil engine for human destruction has been broken? The thing about Saddam's sadistic reign is that we don't even know which despicable period of his rule it came from -- his paranoid suppression of the Kurds or the Shiites, his inane wars with Iran and Kuwait, or just from every day brutality.

It doesn't matter whether you were for this war or against it, if the fact that we have toppled an evil regime that slaughtered numbers that we may never know doesn't make you feel like we did the right thing, there is something wrong with you. So why isn't everyone celebrating? There could be several explanations, one of the main points being Saddam has ruled Iraq for over three decades, and many did not expect the man who swore to defend Baghdad with his life to simply disappear overnight. With his 66th birthday quickly approaching on the 28th of April, Arabs and Iraqis are left fearing his possible attempted return. In Saddam's regime, his birthday was an extremely important event, and a cause for nation-wide celebration. A week-long homage was paid to him, with celebrations and dancing children praising him as if he was God's prophet himself. If his birthday passes without incident, maybe Iraqis will be a little more willing to let their guard down.

Another big fear in both the Arab world and the U.N. is that while we have vanquished one iron-fisted regime, another will just pop up in its place. No sooner is Saddam ousted than a group of Shiite leaders start demanding that Iraq



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