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Compare and Contrast Comic Hero's with Mythology

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Essay Preview: Compare and Contrast Comic Hero's with Mythology

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Compare and contrast comic book hero's with mythology

Comic book heroes and mythological creatures have a lot of differences, and a lot of similarities. They can be huge differences, or small ones. Either way, they're both different in some ways.

Some differences between comic book heroes and mythology ones are that there was a possibility that the mythological creatures actually lived. Unlike comic book ones, they're all made up stories that seem to attract kids into reading them. One way that they do it is by making it exciting so it seems like they really lived. Another difference is that all the comic book hero's have abnormal powers like laser eyes. However, the mythological creatures don't have abnormal powers, but they do in some way look abnormal. For example, Argos the hundred-eyed monster, and the Minotaur. Both of these can be considered heroes in some way, but to other people, they weren't really anything.

Other than the differences between both of them, they do have similarities too. One similarity that first pops up in my mind is that they must be good people. Cause who would consider a bad guy a hero? Other than that, another similarity between both of them are that they're abnormal in some way. An example from a comic book is Super-Man; He has super strength that allows him to move heavy objects. Now an example from mythology, Hermes, the messenger of the gods, had such swift moving feet that he could deliver messages in minutes.

To conclude, I think that there's a huge difference between these 2 kinds of hero's. The comic book heroes are fictional of course because they're hand drawn images. But for the mythological creatures there's a possibility that they were actually real. How might people know this? Cause some Archeologists had found evidence buried under the ground of the palace of Knossos was the great Labyrinth where the Minotaur lived. Also in the palace they found jars of food, which probably meant something lived down there.



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