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Antigone's Connection to Modern Audiences

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Essay Preview: Antigone's Connection to Modern Audiences

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Antigone's Connection to Modern Audiences

Antigone was written by the playwright Sophocles in 426 B.C. Although it was written so long ago it still appeals to modern audiences. The piece is timeless because it shows true human nature and characteristics that are still true today. Antigone is the final install installment of the Oedipus trilogy, yet it is probably the most famous. Antigone still appeals to modern audiences because human behavior and characteristics have not changed and everyone can relate to the challenges Antigone and Creon face.

One reason Antigone still appeals to modern audiences is because everyone can understand love. Whether it is Antigone's love for Polyneices that drove her to break the Kings code or Haimon's love for Antigone that led him to defy his father and eventually kill himself. Unedifying love is a prominent theme in Antigone. People today can connect to this kind of love because it is still present today. One example of this is a mom, willing to sacrifice herself to save her child.

Another theme in Antigone is Pride. For Example, the pride that Creon shows for himself because he is in authority is a replaying theme in Antigone. Also, the pride that Antigone feels for doing her "holy act" appears in the play many times. It is important because it is Creon's pride that made him fell superior to the many warnings he received. These decisions led to destruction of everyone around him. This is still true today because many CEOs of companies fell superior to the staff and make wrong decisions that people warned him a against. This eventually leads to the destruction of the company.

Gender plays a big roll in Antigone also. Creon says in the story "the need to defeat her is all the more pressing because she is a woman". The Females had extremely limited power in Greece and for her to defy a king was bad but because she was a women mad the situation much worse. This is very true to today because women are still treated as underclass in the work place. The heads of the business see them as inferior to the rest of the employees. This is apparent in many situations.

These are just a few of the reasons Antigone is still read by thousands of people across the world. This story is still true to people in American as it was to people in Greece over three thousand years ago. The story still captures human emotion. It still



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