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Adolf Hitler's Early Years

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Adolf Hitler's Early Years

Adolf Hitler's childhood was different than most, but alike at the same time. Here you will see what went on in his family, what happened during decision making of secondary school, and what he did after school before he became the man everyone knows.

Adolf Hitler was born April 20, 1889. Adolf lived with his family on a small farm outside of Linz, Austria. His mother's name was Klara. Hitler became very attached to her in his childhood. Alois was the name of his father. His father was in the Austrian Civil Service. Alois was used to giving orders so he demanded a lot of chores around the farm for the children. When Hitler was seven, the family moved off the farm to Lambach, Austria. To Hitler this meant fewer chores and more time for play. There Hitler went to an old Catholic Benedictine Monastery School. He took part in boy's choir and also did very well at this school. He thought very highly of the priest and considered to be one for a while. At age nine he was caught smoking a cigarette by a priest. He was forgiven and not punished. His brother, Alois, Jr., described Hitler as quick to anger. He loved to play Cowboys and Indians when he was young. This gave way to battle re-enactments. Adolf's little brother, Edmund, died at the age of 6 from the measles. This was the first time Hitler had to confront a real death instead of the fake ones he sees when he was playing. This seemed to shake him up badly. His little brother was buried in a cemetery right outside of Hitler's room. He developed a dream to be an artist before he entered secondary school (1).

There were two different secondary schools, classical and technical. Hitler wanted to enter the classical school to become an artist, but his father wanted him to follow in his footsteps and go to the technical school. He ended up going to the technical school and did not do so well. He was held back his first year. Hitler thought that if his father would see how poorly he was doing in technical school that his father would allow him to go to the classical school where he could fulfill his dream. This career choice brought many arguments between Adolf and his father because his father thought that the idea of becoming an artist was ridiculous. Hitler thought of it as being horrible to sit in an office all day long dealing with nothing but paperwork. He figured that being an artist would solve all of his problems. His father still would not listen to him and this caused a mean struggle between father and son. Hitler's second year of technical school went better than the first, but he still failed math. There



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