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A Structured Reflection Based on Kolb's Learning Cycle

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Essay Preview: A Structured Reflection Based on Kolb's Learning Cycle

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A structured reflection based on Kolb's learning cycle

1. What happened?

During my higher studies, in the vacation I went to my father's office and there he assigned me a task to handle and operate whole work of back office as every team member of back office was going for a 3 days official training tour. I happily and bravely accepted the opportunity and was very excited from outside to work because it's time for me to show that how much capable I am but at same time was little bit worry as I was not having any previous experience, still I was not having any other choice.

2. Analysis

The important thing for me was not to lose this beautiful opportunity because I was having faith in myself, efficiency, sharp mind, self confident and hard worker to complete any work properly on the given deadline.

The worst thing or can say the barriers towards my success was my lack of concentration and distraction of mind in different things or work. Another aspect was not any supporting hand on the spot to help me.

3. Making generalisation

If I talk about conclusion, which I seen or gained from this experience was if you will try then nothing is impossible for you and anyone else. The other most beautiful thing is to use your brain smartly so that you can perform your task nicely. Always be prepared and organized for the future because anything can happen in your life or suddenly a good turn in your life will come that can bright your future.

So far all these things are related to real world because people are not organized and they don't do anything on time, just wait for the things to happen with them.

4. Planning future action

Every time I note down the things and plan & frame the work in such a manner that it must be complete in a proper formed manner and according to procedure & cycle.

I can take all those risks which can be handled by me if someone else is dependent on my decision and that can harm them.

There are lots of people in the management team who are always ready to help i.e.



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