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Essay Preview: 1920's

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The 1920's was a great time for women as they had major roles in constructing a new decade. Women gained the right to vote and also drove their own automobiles. In large numbers women enrolled in colleges and in the workplace. The traditional roles of women as wives and mothers were discarded as the women wanted to be more like the men. Women's influences on appearance, music, literature, and film shaped the 1920s. During the 1920s women in Silent films, motion pictures, and Nickelodeon theatres lit up the silver screen.

The modernized look of women changed the 1920's. Women were no longer wearing long hair and ankle-length dresses, now women were playing sports and driving cars. A new hair style came along during the Roaring 20's that was known as the bob. Dresses no longer were long and loose-fitting, short dresses that were the new style of the 1920s.Women were choosing their own fashions; staring in feature films; writing novels and poetry; and playing music. Women were now confident and successful. The women of the 1920s were independent, confident, beautiful, and pioneers for today's women.

Black people around this time were still being referred to as either Negroes or the dreaded "N word", as if you were of Latin descent were called Spic. The Italians were called Dogo or Greaser. And everyone from Asia had abusive terms as well. Basically if you were from anywhere else in the world you had nicknames and were looked down on.



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