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Kudler Fine Foods Human Resource Information System

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Kudler Fine Foods existing human resource information system (HRIS) is out-of-date and ineffective. Many tasks of human resources are manually kept up with on Excel spreadsheets.

Kudler's change procedure involves paper forms which must be filled out and approved by the employee's manager. Afterwards, all changes are entered into the computer system where they are kept up with along with all other employee information. The paper procedure is very sluggish and burdensome.

Kudler Fine Foods needs to implement a (HRIS) that combines all parts of Human Resources and centralizes the data across all locations. Also, Kudler Fine Foods should incorporate a better way to keep up with recruiting, training and development, and compensation. An Intranet or Internet-based self-service application would benefit the company as well along with E-Learning.


This paper will review Kudler Fine Foods Human Resource Management Information System (HRIS) and show potential technology solutions to address some of the issues presented with the HRIS Web page. An IT analysis of presented issues will be discussed such as centralization of employee records and related HR information; automation of time tracking and timesheet submittal; and tracking applicants. Also, a method for employee self-service, Internet technology and e-learning will be discussed as well.

Kudler Fine Foods started with one location and a moderately small group of employees in its original location of La Jolla, California. At that time employees manually fill out paper time sheets as well as all other employee information which was kept at that location. The slow and cumbersome process worked well with one location.

Kudler Fine Foods began to grow and eventually opened two other locations. This explosion of growth created problems with information management. Presently, "Kudler Fine Foods is a specialty food store consisting of a workforce of approximately 17 employees at their administration office, 31 employees at their La Jolla store, 38 employees at their Del Mar store and 38 employees at their Encinitas store, totaling 124 employees (Kudler Fine Foods Intranet). "

Each store followed the process of the original store by keeping its own employee database.

After all of the growth the timesheet process has changed to a three step process.

1) Employees fill out paper time sheets

2) Time sheets are approved by the store manager

3) Time sheet information is then faxed to the accounting department (Payroll).

Any corrected errors time sheets must be approved by the direct supervisor and the store manager. Employee files are kept by each store manager at their prospective location. Therefore, observing the combined information of all three stores becomes very complex.

Kudler's payroll process is also a manual process and very cumbersome as well. Presently, Kudler contracts out its payroll to Intuit. Intuit is a software company that created QuickBooks. Intuit keeps up with the following information for each employee:

* personal information

o name

o address

o marital status

o birth date

* pay rate,

* personal exemptions for tax purposes,

* hire date,

* seniority date

* organizational information (manager's name)

Intuit does not keeps up with employees files dealing with items such as recruiting, training and development, compensation (University of Phoenix, 2006).

There is strong need for Kudler to implement a HRIS that combines all parts


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