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Work Place Ethical Dilemma and Its Solutions

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Workplace Ethical Dilemma

& Its Solutions

Professional Ethic

Table of Contents

Introduction        3

Workplace Ethical Dilemma        4

How to determine ethical dilemma        5

Summary of the movie        6

Explain the ethical dilemma from the chosen movie        7

Solution        8

Conclusion        11

Reference        12


        In the current modern society, people are usually expressed their own personality, characteristics and behavior towards the others to protect themselves. The principle or ethic on each individual is different and unique on moral obligations that particularly hard to duplicate. Also, people measures ethic in own way too.  

        As in the workplace, ethical dilemmas are one of the problems facing by the employees that never end to finish. It might happen within the individual, among two or more employees involved. No matter how is the complexity of the workplace, its still needs the requisite skills to tackle the situations as well as survive in the workplace for own interest.

        Meanwhile, the management of the organization such as manager and supervisor has to prioritize and make it into the agenda to ensure the employees have the right skills, mechanism and awareness to resolve it. Instead, it will bring the conflict of interest issues, wastage of company resources and human resource issues.

        Therefore, staff efficiency and business functions will affect and negative grow if ethical dilemmas are poorly supervised and mistreated. It might be a usual issue in organization, the most important is how to resolve it, protect employees and employer’ interest and never repeat the same problem.

Workplace Ethical Dilemma

        An ethical dilemma is when a person have to choose between two choices, both are morally correct but there’s conflict in it. Ethics and morals are inseparable as both of them deal with the matters of right or wrong. Constitutes that ethical behaviors are determined by cultural norms and moral behavior that up to individual to make decision based on the sense of right or wrong.

        For cite example that mostly everyone has faced, you saw your friend steal a watch from the store. When come to question, we had to decide whether to tell the truth or protect our friend by telling the lies. Cultural norms taught us that both telling the truth and being loyal to friend are correct. Somehow, we had moral decision to make whether which choice was the best ‘right’.

        Some ethical dilemmas can be complicated and leads to difficulty to make decision. For instance, a doctor, he or she might facing with the problem of whether to continue treatment for a patient by which could cause the patient suffer or to withhold the treatment where make the patient comfortable and let the nature take its course. By respecting the family member decision and provide what’s the best for patient are both professionally acceptable and ethical. However, the choice as to which action is best is a personal, moral one.

How to determine ethical dilemma

        There are several conditions that must present in a situation to be considered an ethical dilemma. The first condition occurs when an individual must make a decision about which action is the best. A situation that cause uncomfortable but there’s no choice to make, is not considered ethical dilemma. For cite explanation, an internship student is required to be under supervision of an appropriated credentialed supervisor. Therefore, it is a situation that no choice, there’s no ethical breach of confidentially when a student discusses a case with the supervisor (, 2017). The next condition is that there must have different courses of action to choose from. Lastly, there’s some principle is compromised in an ethical dilemma, no matter what courses is taken. In the other words, there is no such thing as perfect solution.

        It is essential to make a distinction between ethics, values, moral and laws when determine an ethical dilemma. Ethics are about our behaviours that guided by our moral values. It is involve of recommend and defend concept to determine what the right course of action in a situation is. Value refers the ideas that we prize it. IT describes individual or personal standards of what is valuable or important (, 2017). As such, there is often a feeling or affective component associated with values (Allen & Friedman, 2010).Moral, on the other hand, describes the goodness or badness or right or wrong of actions (, 2017). It also refer to the principle of right or wrong and good or bad. Normally, moral used to negotiate, support and strengthen the relationship with others (Dolgoff, Loewenberg, & Harrington, 2009).  Last but not least, law, often involved in complex cases and employees are often legally obligated to take a particular course of action. Law are created and enforced by the government. Although our profession ultimately recognizes the rule of law, we are also obligated to work to change unfair and discriminatory laws (, 2017).

Summary of the movie

        “The Devil Wears Prada” is American comedy-drama film based on Lauren Weisberger’s 2003 novel. Andrea “Andy” Sachs, a simple yet smart Northwestern graduate who dream to become a serious journalist. She had been hired to be a chief’s assistant, Miranda Priestly, an influential woman in the fashion world and the prominent editor of Runway fashion magazine, a merciless, posh and cruel woman. This movie is essentially a two character that pits a powerful woman boss against her resentful personal assistant. However, Andy’s preconception may had in hopes to get a step closer to her dream was no avail since her primarily job catered to Miranda’s personal needs 24/7.

        The environment of the workplace was cold and extremely critical with physical appearance. Andy works very hard to meet Miranda’s endless demands. From simple and plain style woman, she becomes trendy and classy in order to gain acceptance from Miranda and her colleagues. Despite everything that against Andy in work, she takes it as challenge, drastically transform herself. However, with her new appearance, she’s more preoccupied about her image and her future in the magazine. She starts losing her private life with her boyfriend, family and friends. Then she’s realizes that she is losing what really matter. In the ends, she choose not to lose herself no matter how many pairs of Prada and Jimmy Choos she can score all along the way.


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