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Importance of Aerobics

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Aerobic exercise is essential for achieving or maintaining cardiovascular fitness. It gets your heart pumping, causes you to break a sweat and allows you to burn many calories within a short time period. It is important because it has health benefits. Aerobics exercise strengthens heart, lungs, can lower your cholesterol, reduce risk of diabetes, improve immune function, and lower your blood pressure.

Aerobics has physical and mental benefits. In physical benefits, aerobics exercise burns up calories, tones muscles, and improves posture. In mental benefits, it can increase our confidence, emotional stability, memory, and brain function. It also helps relieve stress. Many of the people experience depression and it is shown that aerobics exercise helps on curing depression. You will sleep better and handle stress better, and you’ll feel better about yourself.

Maintaining aerobics fitness can help us to experience a better quality of life. The daily activities we do would be much easier if we are aerobically fit. Being aerobically fit means you have strong heart and lungs so you wouldn’t easily be tired of doing tasks everyday.

Aerobic exercise is important because it strengthens our heart and lungs. It helps us to minimize the risk of cardiovascular diseases like heart disease, coronary artery disease, vascular disease and stroke which develops due to lack of aerobic exercises. It also burns the visceral fat that surrounds your heart and vital organs.

Aerobic exercise can help to keep your weight under control. Burning calories is essential of you want to stay fit, and aerobic activities can make it possible for you to burn lots of calories within a short period of time. Doing aerobics regularly increases your stamina.

Some of the benefits of aerobic exercise include a reduced risk of developing lifestyle diseases, reduced stress levels, reduced feelings of depression, more energy, improved sleep patterns, improved self-esteem and body image, stronger bones and muscles, improved lung capacity.


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