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  • Car Safety

    Car Safety

    CAR SAFETY Active and Passive: Car safety features are grouped into two categories: Active and Passive. Active feature are designed to reduce the likelihood of a crash. Things such as tires, brakes, lights and steering are active features. The most important of all of them however is the driver. Passive

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  • Carbohydrates


    Carbohydrates and lipids/fats are a very important part of our lives. They have many similarities and differences among each other, which distinguish them from other macromolecules. Carbohydrates, which include sugar and their polymers, are used by organisms for fuel and building material. They come in many various forms going from

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  • Carbohydrates


    Carbohydrates, such as sugars, starches and cellulose, are compounds consisting of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen molecules which are organic. The different forms or carbohydrates are monosaccharides, disaccharides, and polysaccharides. The monosaccharides consist of simple sugars such as glucose (sugar in the blood). Disaccharides are larger compounds known as double

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  • Carbohydrates, Protein, Lipids, and Dna

    Carbohydrates, Protein, Lipids, and Dna

    Carbohydrates have two major functions in plants and animals: they serve as fuel and building material. Plants store most of their energy in the form of starch. Starch is a polysaccharide (consisting of several conjoined sugars). Synthesizing starch enables the plant to stockpile surplus glucose, and since glucose is a

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  • Carbon


    CARBON Carbon, an element discovered before history itself, is one of the most abundant elements in the universe. It can be found in the sun, the stars, comets, and the atmospheres of most planets. There are close to ten million known carbon compounds, many thousands of which are vital to

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  • Carbon


    Carbon All living things, plants and animals alike, contain the chemical element Carbon. A number of the Carbon atoms existing in all living things are radioactive. The radioactive carbon atoms continue to exist in animals and plants, even thousands of years after death. By measuring the radioactivity of samples derived

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  • Carbon


    The element carbon can be found is numerous compounds. It is the sixth most common element in the universe. It can be found in the food you consume, the clothing you wear, the cosmetics you use, and fuel for cars. Carbon is considered a very important element because it plays

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  • Carbon Features on 4h and 6h-Sic Using Atomic Force Microscopy

    Carbon Features on 4h and 6h-Sic Using Atomic Force Microscopy

    Abstract Carbon nanotubes are considered to be the building blocks of nanotechnology on the basis of their nanosize and unique electrical properties. The physical and electrical characteristics of carbon nanotubes establish them as excellent devices to be utilized in the advancement of technology. Much research has been dedicated to the

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  • Carbon Fiber

    Carbon Fiber

    Carbon fiber Carbon fibers are produced by using heat to chemically change rayon or acrylic fibers. Carbonization occurs at temperatures of 1000o C to 2500o C in an inert atmosphere. Carbon fibers are converted to graphite at temperatures above 2500o C. Carbon and graphite fibers can also be made from

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  • Carbon Monoxide

    Carbon Monoxide

    Imagine a killer perfect enough to travel through the corridors of your home completely undetectable to the eye of its prey. It can't be heard, can't be smelled, and before you or anyone in your household realizes that something is wrong, it could already be too late. Over ten thousand

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  • Carbon Monoxide Pollution

    Carbon Monoxide Pollution

    Introduction: Carbon Monoxide pollution is due to the “incomplete combustion of carbon” (Environmental Health Center, Local Air Quality). Combustion is a ”rapid chemical reaction between substances that is usually accompanied by generation of heat and light in the form of flame” (Encyclopedia Britannica). It is an invisible and odorless gas

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  • Carbon's Birth

    Carbon's Birth

    Carbon is the first element in Group 14 of the periodic table. The elements in this group are sometimes called the carbon family. Carbon has an atomic number of 6, an atomic mass of 12.01115, and a chemical symbol of C. There are 7 isotopes of carbon ranging from 9C

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  • Carboxylic Acid and Derivatives

    Carboxylic Acid and Derivatives

    REPORT EXPERIMENT 9 CARBOXYLIC ACID AND DERIVATIVES Date: January 19, 2004 Objectives: 1. To understand the reactions of carboxylic compounds and derivatives. 2. To know the methods for preparing carboxylic acid derivatives. 3. To know the methods for testing the carboxylic acid derivatives. Experimental Procedures: 9.1 Solubility 1. Prepare 3

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  • Carboxylic Acids and Its Derivatives

    Carboxylic Acids and Its Derivatives

    1. Solubility in 5% NaHCO3 Carboxylic acids can be easily dissolved in a basic solution such as sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3). This is a reaction-solubility test since NaHCO3 reacts with acetic acid and benzoic acid producing water-soluble salts, RCO2- Na+, thus giving off a positive result to the reaction. Reaction of

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  • Carbs and Proteins

    Carbs and Proteins

    There are three principal kinds of carbohydrates and each are classified according to the number of sugar molecules they contain. Monosaccharides, such as ribose, glucose, and fructose, contain only one sugar molecule. Disaccharides consist of two sugar molecules linked covalently. Familiar examples are sucrose (table sugar), maltose (malt sugar), and

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  • Cardiac Arrest with Anoxic Brain Injury

    Cardiac Arrest with Anoxic Brain Injury

    Running Head: CARDIAC ARREST WITH ANOXIC BRAIN INJURY Cardiac Arrest with Anoxic Brain Injury Research Paper ________________ The majority of deaths throughout the world are caused from cardiac arrest. It also plays a huge role in the amount of disability cases worldwide. An estimated 420, 000 people fall victims of

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  • Cardiac Cycle

    Cardiac Cycle

    Cardiac Cycle The cardiac cycle describes the coordinated and rhythmic series of muscular contractions associated with the normal heart beat. The cardiac cycle can be subdivided into two major phases, the systolic phase and the diastolic phase. Systole occurs when the ventricles of the heart contract. Accordingly, systole results in

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  • Cardio Respiratory Article

    Cardio Respiratory Article

    Cardio respiratory Article There are a lot of cardio respiratory activities out there to choose from. Yet, many people still have a hard time achieving the goals of cardio respiratory fitness. In the article that I read mentioned that "approximately one-third of adolescents and 14 percent of adults in

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  • Cardiology


    Cardiology Cardiovascular disease became an important issue for modern medicine at the beginning of the Twentieth century. By the late 80's coronary disease became the number one source of deaths in the United States. Every two people died from heart attacks, while three others suffered from them. Many people and

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  • Cardiorespiratory Function and Control During Exercise

    Cardiorespiratory Function and Control During Exercise

    Running, basketball, soccer, tennis, football: five very different sports, seemingly unrelated in any way. All focus on different skills and abilities and strengthen different parts of the body. Despite their differences, they are unified under several athletic components, most notably cardiorespiratory endurance. Whether we are laying in bed asleep, sitting

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  • Cardiovascular Disease: Atherosclerosis and Hypertension

    Cardiovascular Disease: Atherosclerosis and Hypertension

    Cardiovascular Disease also known as coronary heart disease encompasses diseases of the heart and blood vessels. The two most common forms of cardiovascular disease are atherosclerosis and hypertension (chronic high blood pressure). Both of these conditions involve the damage of blood vessels. Hypertension and atherosclerosis paired equal the greatest threat

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  • Careers in Chemistry

    Careers in Chemistry

    Chemistry is one of those subjects in school that you can take in college at an advanced level. Taking Chemistry can benefit a person in ways that you might have not thought. Chemists might actually make more money than you might have thought. You might be interested in a chemistry

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  • Caregiving Provides the Morale and Wellness of the Elderly

    Caregiving Provides the Morale and Wellness of the Elderly

    Introduction: Caregiving among the adult population is a popular trend in the twenty-first century. Now that aging population is increasing in its proportion family members entrust their elder's the caregivers. Since part of the caregiver's task is to take account the elder's morale and well-being. In becoming an effective caregiver

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  • Caribbean Today

    Caribbean Today

    "West Indian" redirects here. For the western part of India, see West India. World map depicting Caribbean : blue = Caribbean Sea green = West Indies World map depicting Caribbean : blue = Caribbean Sea green = West Indies The Caribbean (Dutch: Caraпben; French: Caraпbes; Spanish: Caribe) is a region

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  • Carpenter Ants

    Carpenter Ants

    Carpenter ants are destructive pests of wood throughout new york state. In the forest, these ants Are often considered beneficial because they prey on other insects and enhance the decay of stumps and other wood debris. Unfortunately, however, given favorable conditions, they also attack wood in service and the interiors

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  • Carrierselectie in De Telecommarkt

    Carrierselectie in De Telecommarkt

    Inhoudsopgave 1. INLEIDING EN PROBLEEMOMSCHRIJVING 2 2. VARIANTEN VAN HET PROBLEEM 5 3. MATHEMATISCHE FORMULERING VAN HET PROBLEEM 7 4. OPLOSSINGSMETHODE EN ALGORITME 10 4.1 Historisch overzicht 10 4.2 Onze oplossingsmethode 11 4.2.1 Optimaal of niet? 11 4.2.2 De "cheapest price" methode 13 4.2.3 De "midprice" methode 13 4.2.4 De

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  • Cartesian Diver

    Cartesian Diver

    Cartesian Diver The purpose of the Cartesian diver is to demonstrate the compressibility of a gas, the incompressibility of water, Boyle's law, Pascal's law, and Archimedes' law. Boyle's Law states that under conditions of constant temperature and quantity, there is an inverse relationship between the volume and pressure for an

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  • Case Analysis

    Case Analysis

    Matt Belcher Bigfoot America 1. Attention catcher: Patterson footage video. 2. Listner relevance link: Bigfoot is always making the news; from coast to coast thousands of reports have been made claiming to have witnessed a Bigfoot. Do you know that their have been reported sightings of Bigfoot in 22 different

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  • Case Files Surgery

    Case Files Surgery

    BREAST MASS: - radiation therapy is indicated for pt with stage I dz tx with breast conservation therapy - this reduces the rate of recurrence from 30% to 9% - post-menopausal or non-lactating women with red/tender breasts should be assumed to have breast cancer until proven otherwise - tamoxifen therapy

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  • Case Linking Strategy & Innovation

    Case Linking Strategy & Innovation

    Final-test Assignment: Space 1, 5 , Font : Times New Roman 12 (or equal), sent by email dateline 14 December 2015 to, Maximum 5 Pages Part One. Case Linking Strategy & Innovation: MTC, put 3 proposed projects (electronic sensor, turbocharger rotor, hybrid microelectronic circuit) into the chart in Mapping

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