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  • Truth Behind the Feast of Feasts

    Truth Behind the Feast of Feasts

    Truth behind the Feast of Feasts Bijesh Philip Easter is the greatest feast in the orthodox tradition and the whole great lent is a pilgrimage to this feast of feasts. For fifty days from Easter, Orthodox Christians greet each other with the words �Christ is risen’ of which the response

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  • Two Biblical Scholars' Primary Viewpoints on Titus 2: 11-15

    Two Biblical Scholars' Primary Viewpoints on Titus 2: 11-15

    Titus was a Gentile who converted to Christianity. He completed his missionary work along side Paul, as one of Paul's assistants. The book of Titus is one of the shortest Pastoral Epistles. It is believed that Paul was the author of Titus; in this book Paul addressees how church leaders

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  • Types of Evangelism

    Types of Evangelism

    There are many different types of evangelism including mass evangelism, personal evangelism, evangelistic preaching, literature evangelism, church evangelistic crusades, evangelistic counseling, radio and television programs, entertainment, Sunday school evangelism, and evangelistic bible study. By mass evangelism is meant the preaching of the message in open-air meetings or in very large

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  • Tzniut- the Jewish Concept of Modesty

    Tzniut- the Jewish Concept of Modesty

    Tzniut Basic Overview: In this day and age fashion has become a vital way for people to become accepted and many Jews have assimilated as a result. Luckily many still practice the Jewish concept of modesty, called Tzniut. The most common association with the Hebrew word of Tzniut is the

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  • Umma and Sharia Their Relation and Fundamental Importance in Islamic Society.

    Umma and Sharia Their Relation and Fundamental Importance in Islamic Society.

    The umma and sharia play an integral role in Islamic society. Umma, which is defined as an Islamic community or the totality of all Muslims, actually means “people”. In the Quran there is reference which indicates a nation of people that are part of a divine plan.1 In the early

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  • Understanding Christian Worldview

    Understanding Christian Worldview

    UNDERSTANDING CHRISTIAN WORLDVIEW Understanding Christian Worldview Angela Stewart Grand Canyon University 25th August 2019 ________________ Understanding Christian Worldview Christian worldview highlights the framework of idea and beliefs that Christians uses to interpret the world and interact with it. Generally, the term worldview refers to belief-systems and life perspectives. Worldview acts

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  • Understanding Christian Worldviews

    Understanding Christian Worldviews

    William Foster CWV-101 Christian Worldview December 8, 2018 Prof. Luke Hoselton Understanding Christian Worldviews Atheism, Bahai, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, and Shinto, these are just a few of the thousands of religions that are celebrated and revered across the world. In all there are an estimated four thousand religions worldwide and

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  • Understanding Different Religions

    Understanding Different Religions

    Every person on the planet has a belief, a religion. Even if the person who believes that god does not exist, he has a religion of his own. All the religions differ from each other; the beliefs, the rituals, the holidays. But all of them have things in common too;

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  • Understanding Sikhism

    Understanding Sikhism

    Understanding Sikhism September 2, 2007 Sikhs are followers of Sikhism, an Indian religion that originated in the Punjab in Northwest India. A Sikh believes implicitly in the teachings of the ten Gurus, of the ten Gurus, three in particular, Nanak, Arjan and Guru Gobind Singh. Guru Gobind Singh realized the

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  • Understanding the Hindu Religion

    Understanding the Hindu Religion

    Understanding the Hindu Religion Hinduism is one of the world's oldest religions. Hinduism does not have a single set of guidelines for believers, and there is no sole originator or instructor. Hindus believe in a universal eternal soul called Brahman. Brahman is believed to have created everything and is

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  • Understanding the Kingdom

    Understanding the Kingdom

    Reconnecting With The Kingdom In order for there to be a kingdom there have to be a king. And if there is a king he has a domain. His domain may consist of one or more territories. The king owns everything within his domain so therefore he has dominion over

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  • Unification Church

    Unification Church

    Does the Unification Church brainwash its members? If not, then why do the members of this church perform such strange rituals? This essay will explain the basic doctrines and practices of the Unification Church through citing various sources on the subject. The author will try to sort through the varying

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  • Unifying the Microcosm with the Macrocosm: the Implications of the Spinal Cord in the Development of Religions

    Unifying the Microcosm with the Macrocosm: the Implications of the Spinal Cord in the Development of Religions

    Spann Unifying the Microcosm with the Macrocosm: The implications of the Spinal Cord in the development of Religions. PJ Spann Florida Southern College REL 2219 003 World Religions and Philosophies April 11, 2014 Professor Smith ________________ ________________ Evolution, among other processes, has distorted the appearance of the connection between life

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  • Unitarian Universalism

    Unitarian Universalism

    Unitarian Universalism can trace their roots back to Christian Protestantism. Unitarianism developed in the Common Era as a belief that all people would be saved. The first Unitarian Churches were established in sixteenth-century Transylvania. These Churches continue to worship today. Universalism was developed in America in the late 1700’s and

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  • Unity in the Body

    Unity in the Body

    "United We Stand" Lucy/Linus In a Peanuts cartoon Lucy demanded that Linus change TV channels, threatening him with her fist if he didn't. "What makes you think you can walk right in here and take over?" asks Linus. "These five fingers," says Lucy. "Individually they're nothing but when I curl

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  • Unleashing the Scripture

    Unleashing the Scripture

    1. Identification Hauerwas, Stanley. 1993. Unleashing The Scripture. Nashville: Abingdon Press. 2. Contents The author makes some clear and concise points through out his text. The author points out that his main point for writing this book is to free preachers and those that hear them from thinking inside

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  • Unter Der Eiche

    Unter Der Eiche

    stow on you again. Therefore render unto them I beseech you Mr Speaker, such thanks as you imagine my heart yieldeth, but my tongue cannot express. Mr Speaker, I would wish you and the rest to stand up for I shall yet trouble you with longer speech. Mr Speaker, you

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  • Until Tomarrow

    Until Tomarrow

    Nineteen-year-old Christy Miller has been studying in an international university in Basel, Switzerland and enjoyed the workload of volunteering for the orphanage near by. Despite all her wonderful experiences she was looking forward to see her two closest friends, Todd and Katie that were on their way to Basel for

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  • Untouchables


    Caste The caste system in India is an important part of ancient Hindu tradition which dates back to 1200 BC. Portuguese travelers who came to India in the 16th century first used the word caste. It means "race", "breed", or "lineage". There are 3,000 castes and 25,000 subcastes in India,

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  • Us and Religion

    Us and Religion

    There is a specific reason why the American government is not regulated by religious principles. It is simply not profitable. Even though at first glance, it may seem that this country has a Christian skew, it is only at first sight. The original idea of the first American settlers was

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  • Values


    My Values The definition of the word 'value' according the Webster is the monetary worth of a thing. In my definitions value is worth of a thing, it doesn't have to be monetary (meaning money-wise). In my life I have had three people, well two people and one supreme being,

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  • Values & God

    Values & God

    Values in life are something that are extremely important to have in my life. A value is something that a person considers to be important to themselves. Financial values vary from person to person. Not everybody wants the same lifestyle. Some people dream of having expensive cars, spacious homes and

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  • Various Religions

    Various Religions

    Throughout the Hindu and Christian religion various rituals are performed by followers. These rituals allow the followers to celebrate in their beliefs. The most popular practice performed in almost every religion is prayer and or meditation. Prayer and meditation allow followers to come together and praise a God or

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  • Vegetarian Food

    Vegetarian Food

    I have been living in US since last eight years and like some of you have mentioned in their comments, I have closely checked for food ingredients to avoid accidental consuming of eggs or any meat. I would like to know if any of you have ever considered the amount

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  • Victor Frankl Man's Search for Meaning

    Victor Frankl Man's Search for Meaning

    Victor Frankl was, and is still today, an extremely well known therapist from Vienna and is widely respected by other doctors in his field including such names as Freud and Nietzsche. One of the reasons that he is so respected in his field is because he is basing his theories

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  • Video Game

    Video Game

    I was drawn into video game design because I love video games and technology. Playing video games increased my interest in video game design. I already know having an interest in video games and knowledge about computers helps while becoming a video game designer. I hope to gain knowledge about

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  • View on God

    View on God

    There are only three possible ways of proving the existence of God by means of speculative reason. All the paths leading to -this goal begin either from determinate experience... or they start from experience which is purely indeterminate ... or finally they abstract from all experience, and argue completely a

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  • Virgin Mary - Medieval and Renaissance Period

    Virgin Mary - Medieval and Renaissance Period

    The depiction of the Virgin Mary through the Medieval and Renaissance period was important in that it helped to raise the status of women in Western society. The art and literature of the times presented the Virgin Mary as a human mother exhibiting divine qualities through being the Mother

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  • Vishakadatta


    VISHAKADATTA Vishakhadatta (6th Century) an eminent dramatist introduces himself as the grandson of the Vassal king Vateshvaradatta, son of king Bhaskaradatta in the introductory section of his play Mudrarakshasa. He hailed, most probably, from Bihar or Bengal. He has been credited with two other works Devichandragupta and Abhisarikavancitaka Devichanragupta deals

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  • Vocation and Spiderman

    Vocation and Spiderman

    VOCATION Vocation in my own words is the path God has chosen for you too follow; it is what one is destined to be. There are many different types of vocation. Some people are destined to lead a life of dedication to God, others to be parents and some to

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