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Nur 510 - Moral and Ethical Decision Making - Doing the Right Thing

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Running head: Doing the Right Thing, Session 1

Doing the Right Thing

Chris Roberson

Spring Arbor University

NUR510: Moral and Ethical Decision Making

Jeanne Weible

April 11, 2018

My personal opinion is that there are no absolute right and wrongs.  If there were, we wouldn't have the need to have this discussion.  There wouldn't be need for other disciplines (Business school, Law School, etc.) to offer classes on ethics. This class will give us a good opportunity to do some self reflection and evaluate our personal ethics.

          As stated in Doing the Right Thing, Session 1, Ethics is defined as "The way things ought to be" (Colson Center for Christian Worldview, n.d., series 1).  We are taught at a young age that murder is always wrong.  But as we get older, we learn that there are circumstances when even murder is acceptable in society. When someone is breaking in to your home, most deem that using violence is allowed.  On the field of battle, soldiers killing the opposition is perfectly acceptable. Even though killing is acceptable in military situations, many struggle afterwards with taking of a life.  While there are no absolutes, our culture does attempt to set some common ground rules to hold individuals accountable.  Even then, people are not held to the same standards, some are prosecuted, and some are set free. 

As I learn more about myself and the value of others I feel that I am able to be more compassionate to the needs of others.  I know where I stand, but I also can understand the points of view of others.  I'm allowed to disagree but understanding them helps direct my care.


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