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How Can We Be a Truly Son/daughter of God?

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how can we be a truly son/daughter of God? is it on how we often go to church? is it on the way we praise God?, is it on the way we talk? is it on the way we act? is it on the way we forgive others? is it on the way we love? is it on the way we make good to someone? or is it on the way we put our selves into the shoes of others? there are so many ways on how to become God's sons and daughters but the real question is do we really have the right to claim that we are son/daughter of our God? we all have the courage to say that we are son/daughter of God but do we really deserve it? we all know that God never fails to forgive us because of his love for us mankind, his love that ones we questioned, ruined and also the one we ignore, we questioned because of the test on how we will handle and solve the problem that God given us to test how much we trust the plans of God, we ruined because we always trying our best for something that is not ment for us on that time because God prepared something special more thanpicturee ever thought that would make us better which we usually interpret those trials that is why we ruined our relationship with God by questioning our faith and sooner we ignore him because what we prayed that never come true nor answered, we only know God when we have problems, wishes nor needs and we even to blame him but when we have blessings we forgot him, we even forget to thank him, so its time to think if we do really deserve to be called as son/daughter of God?

if this man in the picture is God, the man you've seen homeless, starving to death, the man without proper clothes, the man without anything except his faith that someone would be brave enough to help him despite on how dirty he is, on how the way he talk and how he act but i tell you, no one dares, not even to give him clothes nor food to eat .


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