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  • Report to the Ranking Minority

    Report to the Ranking Minority

    Report to the Ranking Minority Member, Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions, U.S. Senate United States General Accounting Office GAO May 2003 SPECIAL EDUCATION Clearer Guidance Would Enhance Implementation of Federal Disciplinary Provisions GAO-03-550 In the districts and schools in the three states GAO studied, disciplined Special education students

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  • Representations on Gender

    Representations on Gender

    Final Research Paper: Representations on Gender Melinda Justice PSY 260: Perspectives on Gender Leslie Minor-Evans Final Research Paper Due: February 6, 2007 [I] opened a volume of the catalogue, and......the five dots here indicate five separate minutes of stupefaction, wonder and bewilderment. Have you any notion how many books

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  • Repressed Memories

    Repressed Memories

    Abstract A repressed memory is the memory of a traumatic incident unconsciously reserved in the mind, where it is said to unfavorably affect conscious thought, desire, and action (Carroll 1). Many psychologists believe that unconscious repression of traumatic experiences such as sexual abuse or rape is a defense mechanism which

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  • Repression Essay

    Repression Essay

    Repression was first introduced by Freud over a century ago. Repression is basically a defence mechanism from when a very traumatic event is experienced (e.g. sexual abuse, abduction or witnessing a death). The subconscious mind blocks unwanted thoughts or desires from the consciousness. The ego is not entirely successful at

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  • Research


    Title: HIV and AIDs Risk Behaviors Among Female Detainees: Implications for Public Health Policy Author: Gary Michael McClelland, Linda A. Teplin, Karen M. Abram, Naomi Jacobs Source: American Journal of Public Health 92 no5 818-25 May 2002 This article was a correlational article. The purpose of this article was to

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  • Research and Critical Thinking

    Research and Critical Thinking

    Research & Critical Thinking Research and critical thinking is such a crucial entity in the world of every single science and our every day lives. While a biologist is testing the effects of carbon monoxide on the environment, a little girl is pointing in the sky counting how many colors

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  • Research Article Critique

    Research Article Critique

    Research Article Critique Associations between Working Models of Attachment and Conflict Management Behavior in Romantic Couples by Gary Creasey The research question is to specify relations between internal working models of attachment (IWM) and conflict management behaviors in a sample of young adults involved in romantic relationships. Design used

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  • Research Behind Scared Straight

    Research Behind Scared Straight

    Scared Straight Programs Final Project Selina Engle Baker College Abstract This paper explores seven published articles that report on results from research conducted on the various scared straight youth intervention programs across the United States. These programs are designed to help deter youth offenders from maintaining the destructive path that

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  • Research Ethics

    Research Ethics

    CHAPTER 2: RESEARCH METHODS Scientific Research „X Theory is a broad set of statements describing the relation between the phenomenon and the factors assumed to affect it. „X Law (principle) a predicted relation between phenomenon and a factor assumed to affect it that is supported by a good deal of

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  • Research in Psychology

    Research in Psychology

    Fitness regimens for the sexes Researchers envision a day when workouts are tailored for men vs. women Researchers are finding that the differences between the sexes go beyond muscle mass and testosterone when it comes to physical activity. Men and women also differ in energy metabolism, lung function and other

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  • Research Methods

    Research Methods

    Hypothesis: Students that know they are being watched while taking a test are less likely to cheat than students who do not know they are being watched. Naturalistic observation: I would set up two classrooms in a college environment where students are taking tests. In the first classroom I would

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  • Research Methods in Clinical Psychology

    Research Methods in Clinical Psychology

    1) Before treatment, did the groups significantly differ on Body Mass Index (BMI), age, or ventricle volumes? Provide and explain the relevant analyses. If the groups did differ, exactly how did they differ? Yes, controls, and bulimic and anorexic patients differed on pre-BMI, age, and pre-ventricle volumes. Anorexia-Bulimia and Anorexia-Controls

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  • Research on Ainsworth

    Research on Ainsworth

    Mary Ainsworth did a laboratory experiment known as the Strange Situation to find a way to develop a reliable method of measuring quality of attachment. The Strange Situation measures the level of attachment between the infant and the primary caregiver (usually the mother). This is measured because it is found

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  • Research Paper: Personality and Emotions

    Research Paper: Personality and Emotions

    RESEARCH PAPER: PERSONALITY AND EMOTIONS Many marketers focus their efforts on determining the extent to which personality and emotions play a role in consumer behavior. Why do specific customers behave the way they do, why do certain individuals seek information on certain products, and why do customers choose and purchase

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  • Response to Holder Article

    Response to Holder Article

    A recent study conducted by Jay Holder, a chiropractor and physician with the Exodus Treatment Center in Miami Beach, concluded that there is a significant relationship between addiction and the human spine. Many people in America and the world battle with addictions to various things. Most commonly people become addictedвЂ"knowingly

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  • Responses of Male and Female Undergraduates to Scenarios of Sexual Harassment in an Academic Setting

    Responses of Male and Female Undergraduates to Scenarios of Sexual Harassment in an Academic Setting

    Abstract This study sought to identify how individuals respond to sexual harassment in an academic setting depending on the alleged perpetrator's status. In this study, 349 male and female students from a Midwestern university were issued questionnaires consisting of 4 hypothetical scenarios involving the victim: a 19 year old college

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  • Revenge as a Human Instinct

    Revenge as a Human Instinct

    Revenge and vengeance are basic tools of human instinct. Whether society chooses to accept or blind itself to this fact, it is an indisputable truth. Francis Bacon examines this truth in "Of Revenge", a view of society and literary characters that reflects the strive for vengeance. However, "Of Revenge" deeply

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  • Review of Hamilton Depression Rating Scale

    Review of Hamilton Depression Rating Scale

    Abstract Hamilton Depression Rating Scale which is observer-rating scale is used to assess severity and type of depression. The aim of this paper is to review and evaluate psychometric properties of HDRS. Six articles which used HDRS are analyzed in terms of reliability and validity evidence of HDRS. Hamilton Depression

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  • Review the Different Hypnotherapeutic Treatments for Stress, Anxieties and Phobias, Along with Any Limitations of This Treatment

    Review the Different Hypnotherapeutic Treatments for Stress, Anxieties and Phobias, Along with Any Limitations of This Treatment

    Module 6 – Essay Review the different hypnotherapeutic treatments for stress, anxieties and phobias, along with any limitations of this treatment Stephen Richards wrote “When you explore your fear then you set yourself free.” This is also pertinent to stress, anxiety and phobias. The first explorational step requires a thorough

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  • Review the Different Hypnotherapeutic Treatments for Stress, Anxiety and Phobias, Along with Any Limitations of This Treatment.

    Review the Different Hypnotherapeutic Treatments for Stress, Anxiety and Phobias, Along with Any Limitations of This Treatment.

    Module six essay stress and anxiety Review the different hypnotherapeutic treatments for stress, anxiety and phobias, along with any limitations of this treatment. The aim of this essay is to consider different treatments used in hypnotherapy for addressing the problems of stress, anxiety and phobias, including some explanations of the

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  • Revolution


    Everyone has rules that have been instilled in them by their parents at a very young age. What is good or what is bad, how to do the right thing and, how important honesty really is would be a few examples. My parents have always told me to never be

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  • Revolving Prison Door

    Revolving Prison Door

    The study will focus on the disorders predominately found within the prison system: impulse control, mood, anxiety, personality, paraphilia, psychotic, and co-occurring disorders (Birmingham, Gray, Mason, & Grubin, 2000) and target treatments that are shown to be most successful with each syndrome: cognitive behavior therapy, twelve-step program, and psychiatric medications

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  • Richard Cory - Analysis

    Richard Cory - Analysis

    Many poets write about death and appearances. In the poem Richard Cory by Edwin Arlington Robinson, the author tries to communicate several things. Robinsons poem is about a rich man that commits suicide, and the thoughts of the people in town that watch him in his everyday life. In

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  • Richard Ramirez

    Richard Ramirez

    Richard Ramirez, a 25-year old unemployed Hispanic male, was responsible for at least 16 murders in Los Angeles during July 1984 - August 1985 that baffled authorities. Victims ranged from the ages of six to eighty years old. He had no set pattern - weapons used ranged from guns, knives,

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  • Right Brain, Left Brain

    Right Brain, Left Brain

    The article in which I chose to examine is called Right Brain, Left Brain: Fact and Fiction, written by Jerre Levy. In the past fifteen years or so there has been a lot of talk of left brain and right brain people. Levy's reason for righting this article was

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  • Riordan Case

    Riordan Case

    The term competitive advantage at its core is the ability to identify and respond to environmental change prior to the competition. Riordan is an industry leader in the field of plastic injection molding. They have a diverse portfolio with products including but not limited to; precision medical devises to electronic

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  • Rip Bradley Nowell

    Rip Bradley Nowell

    -T hose of you who were fortunate enough to meet Bradley Nowell, saw a man who liked to smile and sing. He did these two things with the greatest of ease. The man we knew liked to pick up a guitar, not needles, but on the 25th of May in

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  • Ritalin - Beneficial or Dangerous

    Ritalin - Beneficial or Dangerous

    Ritalin: Beneficial or Dangerous Methylphenidate, also known by the brand name Ritalin, is a mild Central Nervous System (CNS) stimulant. This paper will explore the use of Ritalin in terms of its biological, cognitive, social and physical developmental effects on the children that use it in the treatment of Attention

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  • Ritalin, Are We over Medicating Our Children?

    Ritalin, Are We over Medicating Our Children?

    Ritalin, Are We Overmedicating Our Children? Today, many children are diagnosed as having Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Children that are not able to concentrate, act impulsively, or have an abundance of energy are likely candidates of having ADHD. Many children have these characteristics and are being prescribed Ritalin, a

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  • Rogerian Theory

    Rogerian Theory

    Abstract Carl Rogers contributed a great deal to not just psychology, but psychotherapy. He was raised in a relatively normal American family around the turn of the century. His later studies, subsequent clinical experience, and research lead him to the conclusion that all living beings strive for biological success. Humans

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