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  • Plato


    Substance As human beings we have the capabilities of thought and reasoning, which is why we have evolved the way we have. However one can never be to sure that what we think and what we reason is really truth. And that idea can lead a person asking certain questions;

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  • Plato


    Socrates' ideal city is described through Plato in his work The Republic, some questions pondered through the text could be; How is this an "ideal" city formed, and is justice in the city relative to that of the human soul? I believe Socrates found the true meaning of justice in

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  • Plato


    The focus of Socrates at this time in Plato's Republic is of the ideal city and how it can be traced to the human soul. Socrates believes that the city he has proposed to the other men is perfect in itself. He says that this city possesses four virtues which

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  • Plato on Justice and Injustice

    Plato on Justice and Injustice

    Plato on Justice and Injustice In The Republic, Plato attempts to demonstrate through the character and discourse of Socrates that justice is better than justice is the good which men must strive for, regardless of whether they could be unjust and still be rewarded. His method is to use dialectic,

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  • Plato's Philosophy

    Plato's Philosophy

    In his philosophy Plato gives a prominent place to the idea of justice. Plato was highly dissatisfied with the prevailing degenerating conditions in Athens. The amateur meddlesomeness and excessive individualism became main targets of Plato's attack. This attack came in the form of the construction of an ideal society in

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  • Platoon Plot

    Platoon Plot

    Platoon is a story of a soldier's perspective of the Vietnam War. The movie is for the most part told out of the eyes of members of one platoon of the 25th Infantry Division. It is a movie dedicated to all of the people who fought in the Vietnam War.

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  • Play Review

    Play Review

    Ismael Rubalcava April 4, 2005 Theater 100 Ð'- Play Review "COPS" When I found out that I had to attend theater Play's [plays] for class I was looking forward to attending them. I told my wife that I had to attend and she had to go with me. Since I

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  • Players' Arguments: Major League Baseball Is Profitable

    Players' Arguments: Major League Baseball Is Profitable

    PLAYERSÐ'ÐŽÐ'Ї ARGUMENTS: MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL IS PROFITABLE In our view, the ownersÐ'ÐŽÐ'Ї accounting methods do not reflect an accurate picture of the overall economic health of the baseball team. Contrary to ownersÐ'ÐŽÐ'Ї claims that the team is losing money, and a large amount of them, we believe that the major

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  • Plea Bargaining

    Plea Bargaining

    Being a citizen of the United States comes with advantages that no other country can match. We are granted rights and privileges just for being born within our borders. Others can also gain these rights by adopting our way of life and swearing to uphold its values. Being a citizen

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  • Please Take Your Butt Outside

    Please Take Your Butt Outside

    Please Take Your Butt Outside "A smoking section in a bar or a restaurant is like having a peeing section in a public swimming pool, the pee just like the smoke will spread, and there is no way of escaping it," said an anonymous author. Smoking affects many people's lives

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  • Plink Vs. Splat

    Plink Vs. Splat

    “Plink vs. Splat” The modern world knows two major mock combat assault games; airsoft and paintball. I and a few of my colleagues believe airsoft to be the superior of the two. Before I begin, allow me to define the sports of airsoft and paintball. Paintball as defined by

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  • Pluto Underworld - Narrative Essay

    Pluto Underworld - Narrative Essay

    Those who reside in the Underworld, though it often may seem so, have not always lived there. They were once mortal, lived regular lives, but somehow through a series of events landed into the depths of the universe below us. The population of this dark world is made up of

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  • Po Pay

    Po Pay

    After five years of planning, on August 10, 1680, Po'Pay led the Pueblos of New Mexico into battle. This battle is known today as the Pueblo Revolt. Po'Pay was a Native American living in Taos Pueblo. He, along with other leaders after years of economic and religious oppression, devised a

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  • Poem Interpretation: The Raven

    Poem Interpretation: The Raven

    In this essay, I will discuss the elements involved and my interpretation of the poem The Raven, by Edgar Allen Poe. Many poems, including this particular one, are made up of a number of elements which are combined to give the reader a certain thought or feeling. I will also

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  • Poems' Theme on Emily Dickinson

    Poems' Theme on Emily Dickinson

    Anthony J. Buchanan English 203 1:00 MWF, Theme #3 Oct. 25, 2000 Poems of Emily Dickinson Thesis of my paper that I am trying to prove to the reader is that Emily Dickinson is a brilliant extraordinary writer. She talks about mortality and death within her life and on paper

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  • Poetry - Metaphor - Personification - Alliteration

    Poetry - Metaphor - Personification - Alliteration

    Metaphor: A metaphor is a figure of speech in which a term is applied to something that is not literally applicable. An example of metaphor is in the poem Question by May Swenson. When she states “body my house, my horse, my hound” that is an example of a metaphor

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  • Poetry Analysis

    Poetry Analysis

    "Bells for John Whiteside's Daughter" by John Crowe Ransom (578) John Crowe Ransom, an American poet, was born in Pulaski, Tennessee on April 30, 1888. He received an undergraduate degree from Vanderbilt University in 1909, and later became a professor there. Ransom published three volumes of highly much-admired poetry. He

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  • Poker


    Poker: Draw Vs. Hold 'em Compare and Contrast Essay Comm 105 Brian Reynolds University of Phoenix March 20th, 2005 Poker: Draw Vs. Hold 'em As the room fills with smoke from cigars and cigarettes, I look across the table at the last guy in the hand. I think to myself,

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  • Poker Ettiquette

    Poker Ettiquette

    Poker Etiquette Have you ever walked by a poker table in a casino and thought to yourself, "I know I can play with these guys." ? Then you just kept walking because you felt a little intimidated because you are not familiar with all the little intricacies and etiquette of

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  • Polar Bears

    Polar Bears

    Polar Bears Life Span It is believed that polar bears live an average of 15 to 18 years, though some bears have tagged in their early 30s. In some zoo's bears have been known to live up to the mid 30s. There is only one individual bear that has been

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  • Poli Ce Corruption

    Poli Ce Corruption

    How many times have you witnessed a local police officer receiving a free cup of coffee or doing something immoral or illegal and getting away with it just because of the fact that he or she is "the law"? The first example may seem petty but is still in all

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  • Police Brutality

    Police Brutality

    Why should I worry about privacy and security? I''m not a criminal or a terrorist. I''ve got nothing to hide. These are things that most people think. They also believe the internet is much more secure and that their personal information is only available to them, whereas this is actually

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  • Police Brutality

    Police Brutality

    In recent years, police actions, particularly police brutality, has come into view of a wide, public and critical eye. While citizens worry about protecting themselves from criminals, it has now been shown that they must also keep a watchful eye on those who are supposed to protect and serve. This

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  • Police Discretion

    Police Discretion

    Police Discretion David Gonzalez University of Phoenix Introduction to Policing CJA/370 Professor John W. Feltgen June 23, 2005 Abstract In this paper I will discuss police discretion and the use of these discretionary powers in the law enforcement workplace. I will explore the mythical aspects of police discretionary powers and

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  • Police Discretion

    Police Discretion

    In every family there is sibling rivalry derived from differences of personality. In the story Everyday Use, Maggie and Dee are the prime examples of differences within siblings. Maggie and Dee differ greatly in the characteristics of self-esteem, intelligence, and self confidence. With each personality there is self-esteem and it

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  • Police officer Training Curriculum

    Police officer Training Curriculum

    POLICE OFFICER TRAINING CURRICULUM The curriculum that is devised for a police officer is very important to the police officer and his or her success in their chosen career path. An officer's training is also very important to the community in which they serve and the department in which they

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  • Police Professionalism

    Police Professionalism

    Police Professionalism By: Loren Hensley Police officers have a very reputable job, meaning they must be professional at all times. The job of a police officer is to protect and to serve the public. Since most of their time is spent in the public eye, they are expected to maintain

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  • Police: Man Attacked Trooper with Chain Saw

    Police: Man Attacked Trooper with Chain Saw

    Police: Man attacked trooper with chain saw Tuesday, February 22, 2005 Posted: 8:34 AM EST (1334 GMT) WILKES-BARRE, Pennsylvania (AP) -- A man was shot and killed by police Monday after he ignored pepper spray and officers' commands and attacked a state trooper with a chain saw, authorities said. At

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  • Policy Analysis Project

    Policy Analysis Project

    Policy Analysis Project In recent years our newspapers, televisions, and radios have been inundated with news stories about sexual offenders and sexual predators. Stories such as the kidnapping and murder of Polly Klass, Carlie Brucia, Amber Hagerman, and Jessica Lunsford have shocked the nation. Sex offenders and predators commit despicable

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  • Policy Maker:1

    Policy Maker:1

    of a convicted murderer. Depending on where the criminal was convicted, the consequences they face can change their life forever. In some states such as Texas they have an “eye for an eye” policy which means if you kill somebody your life will be taken as well. However they enforce

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