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The Aftermath of the Typhoon

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The Aftermath

             In September 2006, a super typhoon named “Milenyo” (international name Xangsane) hit and brought so much damaged to Metro Manila, Philippines.

             The typhoon had left Metro Manila in chaos. Trees were uprooted and lined up in the streets and it looked like it was an illegal logger’s camp. I can see trees lying around on the ground. Electric posts fell down and electric wires were everywhere that caused massive blackout in the city. It was like a ghost town. The city was very dim and very quiet; all you can hear is the wind blowing as if there was no one around. Our classes were suspended for almost a week. When the electricity was on again after two days, I learned from the news that hundreds of people died. Some died because of landslides. Cars and trucks overturned. Billboards were torn down. Also, I heard, just few blocks away from our house someone has died because the billboard fell down right on the vehicle that the person was driving. Some part of the region suffered from floods, knee up to waist deep. Establishments and houses were evidently damaged. Windows were hit by flying branches of tree. Rooftops were blown away by the strong wind. After all that happened, Metro Manila has recovered and is now running as it’s usual with the help also of its people that have been patient to clean and fix things up.                  


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