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Marriage Is like a Prison

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Marriage Is Like A Prison

Marriage is like a prison. It is a lifelong commitment that will hang on a persons shoulders forever. It can never be erased, and never be forgotten. Upon entering marriage, the crime is falling in love, the punishment is getting married, and the freedom is stripped from a person's very being.

Falling in love is never considered a crime, but it is. Love is a rush of emotions that are felt about a person, just like the rush of emotions one feels before a crime is committed. Unthinkable acts are performed to demonstrate feelings of need and pain, and time is taken away because every waking hour is spent with that special someone. Friends and lovers leave because there is no time for them anymore; the whole revolves around two. After these two people fall in love, they decide to take the next step, marriage.

Once in wedlock, all freedom is lost. Things once enjoyed, like spending time with the girls or going to clubs and parties, no longer exist. The single, carefree life of various lovers, late nights, independence, and one-night stands is departed, and a new life of slavery, bedtimes, and marriage takes its place. You now have an obligation to the your spouse, and life revolves around both of you as a unit, instead of you alone.

Marriage is the prison, and the cellmate is the spouse. An abundance of information is learned about the one you are locked away with: Their likes, dislikes, and especially their annoying tendencies.


Such as snoring, drinking out of the carton, not putting a new roll of toilet paper on to replace the empty one, or not taking out the trash. After a while, the patience once felt is lost, yet the fact remains that a crime has been committed and someone must suffer through the turmoil of the consequences.

Like prison, marriage takes away time, patience, and independence. It is a big step in life, and it should be thoroughly thought out. When a person gets married, theirs life is signed away, and everything will change forever.


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