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The Scarlet Pimpernel

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Madison Hinds

Mrs. Doucet

3rd Hour Honors English

20 August 2016

The Scarlet Pimpernel

Sir Percy Blakeney appears to us as the antagonistic husband of Lady blakeney

,also known as, Marguerite St. Just. Percy is one of the richest, most fashionable men in  

England. His weaknesses would have to be that he is a little slow and dumb. One of his

strengths could be that he is built with big shoulders ad muscles but apprently this only adds to his reputation as a stupid stooge. He does ,however, make pretty good decisions. He is secretly the Scarlet Pimpernel raiding the French barricades to save condemned French nobles and aristocrats from 'Madame de la Guillotine'. In my own opinion I would say that Percy was a force of good in the story because he was saving peoples lives adn doing so on his own will. Some characters in the story are thankful and grateful for percy like the saved condemned aristocrats but others, like Chauvelin, are holding hatred toward him and wanting to capture him and stop him from saving everyone. I believe that Percy's main purpose in life is to try to stop the bloody revolution or at least put some effort towards stopping the revolution while he is saving as many people as he can although I'm sure he didn't save all of them but he did save all the people that he could. The author included him in the story because after all he is the main character and without Sir Percy Blakeney there wouldn't have been a Scarlet Pimpernel. Yes, he is very essential to the story. He was the heroic character that alot of people looked up to and after all, like i said before, without Sir Percy Blakeney there wouldn't have been a Scarlet Pimpernel at all.

Marguerite St. Just who is also known as Lady Blakeney was Sir Percy Blakeney's wife. While she lived in France, she was famous for her beauty, but even more for her charisma. Alot of the people wondered what she was doing married to Sir Percy Blakeney because they all thought she was too good for him. Lady Blakeney was a force of good in the story. She agreed to tell the stories of the Scarlet Pimpernel to Chauvelin so he would not harm her brother Armand. Also, she admired the Scarlet Pimpernel as her hero before she knew his true identity. Other characters are very nice and friendly towards her witty personality and her beautiful looks. She is described as one of the "cleverest woman in Europe". Lady Blakeney's main purpose in her life was to find the passion in her marriage because when Percy learned something from her past after their wedding, their marriage began to become very strained and they would put up an act in public, but behind closed doors she tried to express her feelings, he wouldn't respond to her. She is essential to the story because the book is written largely from her point of view. The reader is able to go on the journey with Marguerite St. Just and is able to experience her intense emotions of love, hate, happiness, misery, guilt, desire for atonement, and fear as if the reader was the character himself.


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