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Information System Outsourcing in U.S

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Based on the knowledge that the economy has, the organizations that have the ability of utilizing their information assets are at a high risk of experiencing serious failure. The field of information management has had concerns with relation to the infrastructure being utilized in the collection, management, preservation, and storage and delivering of information. It is also concerned with the provision of the principles that guides hence allowing for availing of information to individuals who can rightfully utilize it at a time that is deemed right. It also has a concern of viewing all of the information, whether one that is digital or one that is physical, definition them as assets which are at urgency of being provided with adequate management. [1]


Information management seem to have to major purposes. The first one is to design, to manage, and to make use of information with some given insight and innovation. The second purpose is to offer support for the decision making and to help with creation of value to the respective individuals, communities, organizations and even societies. Several authors have also given their various way in which information technology can be utilized.


In contrast to the argument of Ward, John and Joe Peppard, that proper enterprise information management provides newest ways that have the ability of building new digital information systems amicably and integrate the use of information in ensuring that business is a success, Dumais, Susa, Edward Cutrell, Jonatha J. Cadiz, Gavin Jancke, Raman Sarin and Daniel C. Robbins aims at putting a cross varying means of information management. Dumais and his team strives to give explanations in their book with the aim of bring across the specialist terms and with finding the much needed URLs during research by an individual. Dumais and his team’s book is one that has proved very fundamental for the individuals who are doing research with relation to the development of intellectual property, privacy and other illegal acts like cases of piracy. [2]

While Ward, John and Joe Peppard have provided the very systems that are fundamental and the relationship that is currently existing between the system and E-commerce in the marketing sector and also with building a digital strategy. In conclusion, Dumais and his team together with ward and his team, tends to advocate for the necessity of proper information management systems. For instance, just like Dumais and his team talks about the necessity of proper information management of the projects, organizations and acronyms and even with the personal information by providing quicker references, Ward and his team advocates for the necessity of employing digital strategy in information management. [3]


The two books clearly states the requirement of having a proper information system within the American systems.

The process of outsourcing information occasionally has its own challenge. While Gilfoyle, Ian and Peter Thorpe, argues that unless a proper supporting technology is put in place, then the data that feeds it and the human factors have the ability of hindering the implementations of the Geographical Information Management (GIS) from being successful. However, there view for a proper strategy is made use of, then the data feeds and the human factors have the ability of assisting with the process. [4]

According to Kulldorff, M. an excellent review of the most recent work in the arena of information management services Although the work is not intended for all the information systems work, most of the ideas were instrumental in understanding some of the inherent difficulties in the management of information. The author clearly elaborates on the need for software such as the ones to manage space-time and other necessary particulars that are crucial in information management. [5]


The book argues that the professions in the local government always gets involved in tasks required to understand the applications of GIS thus slowly gaining awareness of its benefits. While Gilfoyle, Ian and Peter Thorpe is of significant to the local authorities and the individuals with interest in the leadership of any government, so does Feng, David, Wan-Chi Siu and Hong Jiang Zhang argues that multimedia information technologies have a strong influence on the modern life. [4] Feng and his group continues to argue that multimedia information retrieval have revolutionaries on our way of acquiring knowledge and thing-over the internet and wireless communication (Feng, David, Wan-Chi Siu, and Hong Jiang Zhang. [6] The two groups of authors also tries to put across the necessity of having a proper technology in place to help with ensuring that there is proper advancements.

For instance, just like


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