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Hamlet Crazy or Acting

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The real question is Hamlet crazy or is he just acting

it. In my opinion there are many things throughout the

play that make me tend to believe that he is crazy. When

Hamlet enters Opheliu's room and she has the question if he

is truly mad or if he is just acting. Hamlet is proven o be

crazy in this play and statements and actions he days and

does are the thing that prove this.

There are many things that make me tend to believe

that Hamlet is crazy. There are also many things that he

does that does not want to make you think that he is crazy

but for others to think this of him it just make me want to


even more that he is crazy. One of the things that

shows that he is crazy is that he contemplates suicide or as

Hamlet says "self slaughter", this is definitely

a true act of

pure craziness. Hamlet also wants to believe that he see's

this ghost of his father that is odd because when he is in

the room with his mother he starts to talk to the ghost and

the mother does not see it. Also when he walked into

Ophelius's room he just stood there staring at her for a long

time and no normal person does this. This is just another

example of one of the examples that proves that Hamlet is

crazy. Hamlet also has a lot of evil in him like when he

killed Polomius for no reason when he was behind the

curtains in his moms room. Also when he see's his Uncle

Claudius praying he is deciding whether or not it is a good

idea to kill him. These are just other examples how I think

that he is crazy. Another importnt


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