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Ela 7d - My Trip to Cedar Point

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Aaliyah Patel

Ms. Watters


2 June 2015

My Trip to Cedar Point

At some point in time, every single person around the world has a life changing event that is filled with good and bad memories. For me, I can confirm that going to Cedar Point for the first time changed my life. It illustrated many important skills necessary for me, to live an improved life. On my fabulous trip to Cedar Point, I learned and gained many things. I learned how to keep patience, become a risk-taker, and overcome my fear of heights. A lifelong lesson that I will always remember is that whenever you go to an exciting place, patience is fundamental in order to have a spectacular time.

I thought I was a patient person until I sat in the car, ready to go to Cedar Point. The drive from Dearborn, Michigan to Sandusky, Ohio was four hours long. Since I have never been in a car for so long my personality was very dynamic, I was starting to become very frustrated and impatient. Given that it was my first time going to Cedar Point, I was very intrigued about this amusement park. For two hours, the anticipation was killing me. I started to act very obnoxiously. Every thirty minutes, I began to query my cousins. "Are we there yet?" I questioned. There was nothing that could prevent me from being annoying. Soon after, I started to think that I should not let the waiting kill me. I began to build an immunity and prevail against being impatient. I thought that all the waiting would be worth it in the end. Similarly, the next two hours in the car went very

smoothly. After all that driving, we finally reached our destination. All the roller coasters looked magnificent. There was only one roller coaster that stunned me in fright, The Top Thrill Dragster.

After all the roller coasters I have ever seen in my entire life, I would have to believe that this would be the most eminent of them all. This structure was simple but it was more than 400 feet tall and had a maximum speed of 120 miles per hour! My cousins tried to manipulate me into riding this roller coaster, and it worked. The Top Thrill Dragster was the first roller coaster we all rode on. As consumers, we purchased our tickets and went in the line. The line was not formal; people were all over the place. As we neared closer to the roller coaster, it seemed even scarier than ever. As the next people in line boarded the roller coaster my heart organ was pounding so rapidly as if it were to rip out of my chest. Every molecule and cell in my body was shaking. I watched the people zoom across the area, screaming and shouting. Finally, it was my turn, I was so frightened at that moment that I did not want to go on the roller coaster. Nevertheless, I thought to myself saying that I could ride this roller coaster, making a commitment, and I will do so no matter what happens. Once the roller coaster started, I held onto the bars as tightly as possible and whoosh, the roller coaster took off! As the roller coaster reached its highest point, you could see the entire Lake Eerie and Cedar


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