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Comparison of the Story and the Film of “barn Burning”

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Comparison of the Story and the Film of “Barn Burning”

The winner of Noble Literature, William Faulkner, whose famous short story “Barn Burning” was produced into a movie. Comparing the two versions of this story, the film essentially retells the most plot of the short story and makes it more impressive and affective. Both versions described the poverty of the family and their very difficult and stressful life. Society was unfair to poor white people. However, there are still three differences between the short story and the film.

The first difference is when Mr. Snope’s family camped in a grove of oaks and beeches where a spring ran, Abner called Sarty to talk to him alone. In the short story, the author wrote that Sarty merely ate his supper and was already half asleep over his iron plate when his father called him. It seemed that Abner called Sarty when they took dinner. That means Abner talked with Sarty after they had camped and had dinner. Differently, in the film, Abner stopped the wagon. When Sarty was helping to move something from the wagon, his father called him to go with him. It showed that Abner wanted to teach Sarty to stick to his own family early. Perhaps Abner was thinking about how to teach him during the whole day’s trip after they came out from the store in which the justice of the Peace’s court was sitting. Finally, they got to stop and his father found an opportunity to talk to him alone.

The second difference is the way Sarty got to know that Abner was a thief in the civil war, and that he went to the war just for booty whether from the enemy or his own side. In the short story, the narrator told us directly at the end. When Sarty heard the shots, he cried and felt sorry for his father. He whispered, “He was brave! He was! He was in the war! He was in Colonel Sartories’ carry! ” But he did not know that his father had gone to that war just for booty. The writer wrote as a narrator’s perspective to tell the readers. However, in the movie, the director assigned a scene which is in the workshop. After they fixed the wheel of the wagon and went out of the shop, Sarty heard somebody talking about his father behind his back and he got to know that his father went to the war just for booty. That means Sarty knew what his father did in the war.

The third difference is about how Sarty thought about his father’s death. In the short story, when Sarty heard


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