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Children Should Not Use Mobile Phone

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Children Should Not Use Smart Phone

Smart phone is getting more and more famous nowadays. It is user-friendly design and accessible mufti-funtion. Nearly all people, including children have their own smart phone. However, Should children have their own phones? Since smart phone bring lots negative effect to children on learning, social and health, the children should not be permitted to own a smart phone.

The problem of smart phone bring on children has long been concerned by schools. Lots of secondary and primary schools are not allowed their students to bring phone to school because phones take concentration away from their studies and spoil manner. Students who bring their phone to school break the school rules and their phones will be snatched by the teacher. These does not only focus on small phone yet it has been set for a long time and their were not smart phone when the rule set. Smart phone has much more functions and applications which lead to a bigger impact on students attention on study.

Some parents do not agree to this banning as they think that having a mobile phone keep children in touch as they could know where their children are through calls, text as well as communicating and Global Position System (GPS) applications and be sure if their children are safe. Also, in an emergency, children can call for help quickly and easily. Indeed, having a smart phone does not keep children safe but put them into an unsafe situations as they are carrying an expensive and fashionable device which makes them target for criminals. Million of people are robbed of cell phone every year while some of cases are evolved with violence. More ever, many children spend so much time talking on phone, text with friends or playing games and thus do not aware what is going on around them. Every year children cause car accidents because their attention was on their phone activities but not the traffic while crossing street.



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