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Lecturer Testbank

Chapter 17

Answers are indicated with a *

1.         Methodological issues such as the way of sampling and the corresponding advantages and disadvantages could often better not be mentioned in the research report because this has no added value.

a.        T

*b.        F

2.         It is recommended that in a management summery of a research report the limitations of the research are also stated.

*a.        T

b.        F

3.         In reporting the F- and t-values we round off to how many decimal places?

a.        0

b.        1

c.        2

*d.        3

4.        When you report what is the central point of the answers to a question about education level in a questionnaire, what do you preferably report?

a.        The mode.

*b.        The median.

c.        The arithmetic mean.

d.        All three of the above statistics.

5.        What do you introduce in your report when you perform a regression analysis?

a.        Levene’s test for equality of variances.

*b.        The explained variance.

c.        The correlation coefficient.

d.        All three of the above elements.

6.        Which of the following parts is not necessarily present in a research proposal?

a.        The problem statement.

b.        The purpose of the study.

*c.        The theoretical background.

d.        Research questions.

7.        The results chapter of a research report should contain sample characteristics (such as gender and average age) of the respondents.

a.        T

*b.        F

8.        In the results chapter of a research report it should be reported if the Cronbach’s alpha (if determined) is high enough.

a.        T

*b.        F

9.        You have done cross-sectional research with the objective to explain the variation in a certain dependent variable. You are writing the results chapter and making a set-up to discuss the (multivariate) regression analysis which you have executed. Which data you do not have to mention?

a.        Tolerance and VIF-values.

b.        The R-square of the model.

c.        t-values or p-values.

*d.        The Durbin-Watson test statistic.

10. The empirical part of the research report contains an in-depth exploration and a clear explication of the relevant literature.


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