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  • The Best in the League

    The Best in the League

    1When you talk about the best running back in the league there are a lot of names you can mention. These are the guys you here about week in and week out. The NFL has a lot of excellent backs and the most noted is LaDainian Tomlinson (LT), the

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  • The Best Little Girl in the World

    The Best Little Girl in the World

    Analysis of The Best Little Girl in the World The author of my book is Steven Levenkron. Warner Books published this book in September of 1978 in New York, NY. The genre of my book is fiction with suspense. The Best Little Girl in the World could be based on

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  • The Big Tent

    The Big Tent

    The Big Tent Billy Graham was a very well known evangelist from the 20th century, who became famous not just by the contents of his preaches but also because of his close relationship with notorious politicians and famous leaders of those times, that helped him become the symbol of the

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  • The Bilingual Difference

    The Bilingual Difference

    The linguistic and cultural clashes that children encounter, and how they negotiate between their ethnic and American "mainstream" cultures, and how these clashes and problems influence their relationship with their parents and their ethnic identities as a whole and how they were dealt with differently as we look at

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  • The Bill

    The Bill

    "The Bill" While reading the book "The Bill" it was found that there was much value in the text. The book did not only give insight into the legislative process, but it also showed other vital aspects of the government. The media as well as the public play a

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  • The Birth of the Curse

    The Birth of the Curse

    The Birth Of The Curse After reading the article "The Birth Of The Curse" I had gained some knowledge of the mummy's curse and its history. It is an actual curse that seems to exist and is no just make believe. Many newspapers at the time were creating their own

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  • The Birthmark Case

    The Birthmark Case

    This extract from The Birthmark by Nthaniel Hawthorne is a very intense piece of writing. Hawthorne delicately depicts a 'fatal flaw of humanity' that so troubles Aylmer that it distorts his entire image of his wife. The author also portrays how perception varies 'according to the difference of temperament in

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  • The Black Cat by Edgar Allan Poe

    The Black Cat by Edgar Allan Poe

    "The Black Cat," by Edgar Allan Poe "The Black Cat," a short story by Edgar Allan Poe, is about a man who is in jail confessing to murdering his wife. He starts of by stating that he was happily married to a nice beautiful woman, and the couple had many

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  • The Black Plaque

    The Black Plaque

    If there is one part of life that humans have trouble overcoming it is natural disasters. They are unexpected, incurable, and often unconquerable. One specific type of natural disaster is that of sickness. Plagues are disastrous evil afflictions of an epidemic disease causing a high rate of mortality (

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  • The Black Stallion Ledgened

    The Black Stallion Ledgened

    The book the black stallion legend is about a boy by the name of Alec Ramsey and his horse "the black", Alec and the black go out west because one of Alec's best friend's Pam dies in a horrible car crash. In a moment of madness Alec sets his horse

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  • The Blue Bouquet Analysis

    The Blue Bouquet Analysis

    The Blue Bouquet Analysis 1. a) The setting of this story is in a small Mexican village. The sidewalks are cobblestone, the air is fresh and the sky is clear. From reading the story, I can tell that this village is very peaceful and desolate. Although the parish is bustling

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  • The Blue Hotel

    The Blue Hotel

    In ÐŽoThe Blue Hotel,ÐŽ± Stephen Crane uses various provocative techniques to ensure that the setting adds to the richness of the story. ÐŽoThe Blue HotelÐŽ± is set in a cold Nebraska town at the Palace Hotel in the late 1800ЎЇs, but there is more to setting than just when and

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  • The Bluest Eye

    The Bluest Eye

    All little black girls try to grow up into healthy women with positive self-images--despite the fact that white society seems to value and love only little girls with blue eyes, yellow hair, and pink skin. Today, most black girls survive the onslaught of white media messages, but even today, some

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  • The Bluest Eye

    The Bluest Eye

    Beauty in the American culture has been transformed so many times most people do not even know what real beauty is. Someone can see a woman posing on a billboard in New York City and believe that she is beautiful, but who decided who and what can be beautiful. The

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  • The Body

    The Body

    For my book I chose to read The Body by Stephen King. This novel is about four young boys taking a journey to find a body somewhere in the woods that is at the county line. This story is about more than just four boys going on an adventure

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  • The Body Farm

    The Body Farm

    The Body Farm By; Patricia Cornwell The novel, The Body Farm, written by Patricia Cornwell, follows the life of a forensic pathologist as she investigates the murder of a child. Forensic pathologist, Dr. Kay Scarpetta, works in conjunction with the FBI Investigative Support Unit, to find and preserve evidence that

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  • The Bonesetter's Daughter

    The Bonesetter's Daughter

    In the novel The Bonesetter's Daughter by Amy Tan, there are two general contrasting settings: China and America. Not only to these two places differ geographically, but they also differ in customs and heritage. Both settings also contain different meanings for those who call it home. The contrast of

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  • The Book - Beowulf

    The Book - Beowulf

    Beowulf The book Beowulf has an unknown author who is believed to be Northumbrian. Burton Raffel translated Beowulf into poetic form, as written in the Elements of Literature. Beowulf, a strong warrior, has set out to defeat the monster that plagues Herot. The story of Beowulf was developed sometime in

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  • The Book and the Lyrics

    The Book and the Lyrics

    John Steinbeck’s novel, Of Mice and Men is a novel that can be closely related to a song by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. This song is called “Waiting” and is extremely powerful. While analyzing the two pieces of writing, there are many ideas and themes that can be linked together.

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  • The Book of Exodus

    The Book of Exodus

    Exodus The book of Exodus is the second book of the Pentateuch, or Weelleh Shemoth according to the Hebrew Bible. The books main theme is the removal of Hebrew people from Egypt. The book is meant to be a continuation of Genesis. Moses is believed to be the author of

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  • The Boyfriend

    The Boyfriend

    Have you ever imagined your boyfriend dying and then coming back to kill you? Well this is not something you usually think about, but it might happen. The author R.L. Stein will take you through this in the book "The Boyfriend". "The Boyfriend" was first published in 1990. This book

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  • The Brethren

    The Brethren

    The Brethren (Written By: John Grisham) The book I read was The Brethren, by John Grisham. It was a suspense book. Three ex-judges, called The Brethren by their fellow prisoners (in for various crimes against the courts and such), lived in a very minimal security prison. They had just

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  • The Brethren - Inside the Supreme Court: Book Review

    The Brethren - Inside the Supreme Court: Book Review

    The Brethren вЂ" Inside the Supreme Court: Book Review The Brethren, co-authored by Bob Woodward and Scott Armstrong, is an in-depth documentary of the United States Supreme Court from 1969 to 1975, under the leadership of Warren Burger. The book attempts to present the reader with what "really" goes on

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  • The Bride Price

    The Bride Price

    The Bride Price The Bride Price is a tale of love and the culture and traditions that stand between it in a small close-knit town in Africa. A young girl named Aku-nna unexpectedly falls in love with her schoolteacher, Chike, the son of a former slave. Both know this love

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  • The Bridge of San Luis Ray

    The Bridge of San Luis Ray

    Thornton Wilder (1897-1975) The Bridge of San Luis Rey The Bridge of San Luis Rey, by Thornton Wilder, presents the ancient dilemma of whether tragedy is the result of chance or a manifestation of divine intervention. It explores the lives of five people and reveals their internal struggles for survival.

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  • The Brothers Karamazov

    The Brothers Karamazov

    The Brothers Karamazov "The Brothers Karamazov" is a very well written novel. Fyodor Dostoevsky has a way of writing about his characters so that you understand them. In the beginning of the story, all the characters are described briefly and in a way may have even seemed shallow. But

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  • The Brown Wasps by Loren Eiseley

    The Brown Wasps by Loren Eiseley

    The Brown Wasps by Loren Eiseley shows that humans and animals act in some similar ways. He says that humans and animals cling to the things they know very strongly. Sometimes they even act as if nothing even changed. Humans and animals tend to want to return to things that

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  • The Buzz of a Fly in a Passing Dream

    The Buzz of a Fly in a Passing Dream

    There are truths that man will never know, simple thoughts that are just beyond his grasp. In every unattainable fact there is a barrier that no one can cross. Sometimes the barrier is time, sometimes the laws of physics, but most commonly, it is death. Death, that impassible barrier cutting

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  • The Call of the Wild

    The Call of the Wild

    The Call of the Wild Affection- The Call of the Wild is a book that gets you emotionally involved by getting you attached to Jon's dog and their connection. From the beginning you can tell that Buck (Jon's dog) takes a liking to Jon. He started out as a mean

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  • The Call of the Wild

    By Jack London Throughout the novel The Call of the Wild, we follow a dog-named Buck through his journey through the Klondike. We experience a transformation in him, as he adapts to the cold, harsh land where he is forced to toil in the snow, just to help men find

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