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Levi & Strauss

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Raccomandation 1

Levi&Strauss has always differentiated itself from its competitors as a brand with an original and strong personality. Since 1960 with an advert refiguring Jefferson Airplanes, Levi has always used the music environment to support its original brand image. Still in the digital era, Levi use to sponsor concerts and festivals, as the ones in 2013 across the old USA west railway and posting daily news of the project in its main social media portals(, 2017). The last year, the company sponsored some events for the Coachella Valley Festival, which is the main art and music festival in the USA, keep its brand image on the top mind of consumers as a brand with a free and original character(Medina, 2016). Sponsorship is a marketing strategy based on the financial support of an activity or event, with the aim to reach specific business goals(Ghauri and Carteora, 2014). Levi should adopt this strategy in Europe to communicate the originality and the uniqueness of the brand across Europeans as well, supporting musicians and artists. The company could support for example the Glastonbury festival, which is the largest greenfield festival in the whole world and hosts more than 175,000 people every year from all over the globe.(, 2011) This would give to the brand the possibility to keep its position on the top-mind of consumers as an original brand, which supports movements based on concepts of freedom and originality.


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