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  • Steven Jobs

    Steven Jobs

    CEO: Steven Jobs (APPLE, PIXAR, NEXT) Steven Jobs is not your "run of the mill" CEO. This statement sounds clichй and it should because every CEO in some way is different. Steven Jobs with considerable confidence can be called the most ingenious, unconventional CEO's in the world. First off, it

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  • Stock


    Khaled Bitar What were the causes of the 1929 stock market crash and the 1987 stock market crash? What are the differences between the causes? In the 1920s stock was first issued by companies. Companies issued stock after they went public in order to make money. When traders buy stock,

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  • Stock Market Crash

    Stock Market Crash

    The Stock Market crash of 1929 has been looked at as the greatest symbol of depression is our countries history. Although the Stock Market crashing had a huge effect on the beginning of the Great Depression, there are still factors to consider when looking for a source to blame. It's

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  • Stonewall Riots

    Stonewall Riots

    Stonewall Riots "Liberation for gay people is to define ourselves how and with whom we live, instead of measuring our relationships by straight values... To be free territory, we must govern ourselves, set up our own institutions, defend ourselves, and use our own energies to improve our lives" (Wittman, 75).

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  • Street Gangs

    Street Gangs

    Street gangs are an organization of young people that are usually in their teens and twenties. They join together and claim a territory or neighborhood as their own. They are known for being violent and heavily involved in drug peddling. On the streets graffiti is the means of communication

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  • Struggle for Equal Work

    Struggle for Equal Work

    Struggle for Equal Work The development of the Lowell Mills in the 1820s provided American women with their first opportunity to work outside the home with reasonable wages and relatively safe work. About ten years later however, working in the mills wasn't the same. Working conditions became more vigorous, the

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  • Student


    The Plague DBQ Sweeping through Western Europe during the fourteenth century, the Bubonic Plague wiped out nearly one third of the population and did not regard: status, age or even gender. All of this occurred as a result of a single fleabite. Bubonic Plague also known as Black Death started

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  • Student


    How to restructure a Class Council: According to the New American Dictionary (2005 Edition); Leadership is defined as the ability to lead and take objective. It is the ability to take organizational objectives and successfully implement them to better a society. I truly believe that we can apply this definition

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  • Student Unrest and the Vietnam War

    Student Unrest and the Vietnam War

    The 1960’s marked an era of change and a social revolution for many people in the United States. The Civil Rights Movement was in full force, man first walked on the moon, there was also the devastation regarding the assassinations of both Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr and President John

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  • Stuff


    News: Last winter, two female Komodo dragons at separate zoos in England gave their keepers big surprises. Not just hitchhikers: human pathogens make homes on plants Science News | Oct 20, 2007 | vote | comment Jeri Barak's tomato plants have a weird disease breaking out on them. Not the

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  • Submarine Warfare

    Submarine Warfare

    Submarine Warfare It took World War I to prove the worth of submarines. Prior to that time, submarines played only a small role in the plans of fleet commanders, serving primarily only as coastal defense units. For the most part, fleet commanders ridiculed the idea that the submarine had a

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  • Submarine Warfare

    Submarine Warfare

    Submarine Warfare It took World War I to prove the worth of submarines. Prior to that time, submarines played only a small role in the plans of fleet commanders, serving primarily only as coastal defense units. For the most part, fleet commanders ridiculed the idea that the submarine had a

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  • Suck a Dack

    Suck a Dack

    Gosh, we haven't heard much from God lately, have we? I'm wondering why that is. His mouthpieces in America - who always seem so sure of themselves, so sure that they alone hear God speaking, and so willing to share His wisdom with the rest of us - have gone

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  • Sudan


    Sudan Sudan is a country with multitudes of problems. I will address just a portion of the many problems this country face but must first began with a very brief background. Sudan is a very large country located on the continent of Africa. Sudan has a very diverse landscape ranging

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  • Sugar Case

    Sugar Case

    In reference to the recent newsletter by the leader of the Grow Slow Garden Group, the proposition to convert the area of "abandoned" land for a community garden is presented and communicated in an informative and friendly tone to local residents in an attempt to persuade and influence readers to

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  • Summary of the Battle of Fort Sumter

    Summary of the Battle of Fort Sumter

    Summary of the Battle of Fort Sumter On March 5, 1861, the day after his inauguration, President Lincoln was informed that Fort Sumter had less than six weeks of food supply left. President Lincoln turned down all efforts to settle the differences with the Confederacy by the Confederate Government. The

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  • Summary of the Harmful Myth of Asian Superiority

    Summary of the Harmful Myth of Asian Superiority

    In The Harmful Myth of Asian Superiority, Ronald Takaki questions whether or not Asian Americans can really be called a model minority. He states that throughout history the media has described Asians Americans as a race that excels in educational institutions and in the business world. As a result of

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  • Summary of the Put and the Pendulum

    Summary of the Put and the Pendulum

    The unnamed narrator laments that he is "sick unto death" after agents of the Spanish Inquisition in Toledo used torture while questioning him. When they unbind him, they allow him to sit while robed judges sentence him to death. Thereafter he cannot make out what they are saying; he can

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  • Summary of Vietnam War

    Summary of Vietnam War

    Johnny Walker Professor Lloyd TA Jaime 14 July 2005 Summary of Vietnam War Ngo Vinh Long In this reading, Long discusses the history of Vietnamese resistance to colonial and oppressive forces. Long states that American historians and statesman claim that other factors contributed to the disastrous conclusion of the Vietnam

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  • Summary of Zheng- He

    Summary of Zheng- He

    Zheng He was a Muslim eunuch who served as a close confidant of the Yongle Emperor of China during the Ming Dynasty. He went on voyages to Southeast Asia, Sumatra, Java, Ceylon, India, Persia, Persian Gulf, Arabia, the red sea Egypt, and the Mozambique Channel. The number of his voyages

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  • Summary: Red Stone Company

    Summary: Red Stone Company

    Executive Summary Red Stone is a project management company based in Edmonton. The company deals with projects from various domains such as construction, event planning and many other fields. The management body of the company has observed a number of loopholes with the way their projects are delivered. Prestige Innovation

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  • Sunrise at Philadelphia + a New Kind of Revolution

    Sunrise at Philadelphia + a New Kind of Revolution

    "A New Kind of Revolution" Carl N. Degler In his article "A New Kind of Revolution", author Carl N. Degler explains how government institutions had evolved in colonial America before 1763, and how it was threatened by new English actions and Britain's desire to re-gain control over the colonies. English

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  • Supplemental Writing Activity one

    Supplemental Writing Activity one

    Murphy Shauna Murphy Dr. Bunch ARTE 329 01 22 February 2016 Supplemental Writing Activity One An educational theorist I found to be interesting is Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi. One concept Pestalozzi felt strongly about is that children should learn through activity. He believed that learning should be a hands-on approach, rather

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  • Supreme Court Cases

    Supreme Court Cases

    Nikki Byrnes Supreme Court Cases Throughout history, the Supreme Court had to deal with many court cases, most of them making history. Two court cases in particular was Brown vs. board of education, dealing with segregation, and Korematsu vs. The United States, dealing with citizens' rights during wartime. Before Brown

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  • Survival of the Marine Corps

    Survival of the Marine Corps

    SURVIVAL OF THE MARINE CORPS The Marine Corps historical characteristics after the Civil War could be based in part on survivability and the need for the Marine Corps to prove its worth to the United States as a Military Force. The Marine Corps part in the Civil War had been

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  • Susan B. Anthony

    Susan B. Anthony

    Susan B. Anthony October 18, 2004 US History from 1877 Grand View College The word feminist can be though of in many ways. Some people can hear the word in a positive way, and think of it as a woman standing up for her gender's rights. Other people can

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  • Sutherland's Differential Association

    Sutherland's Differential Association

    Sutherland's Differential Association Born August 13, 1883 in Gibbon, Nebraska, Edwin H. Sutherland grew up and studied in Ottawa, Kansas, and Grand Island, Nebraska. After receiving his B.A degree from Grand Island College in 1904, he taught Latin, Greek, History, and shorthand for two years at Sioux Falls College in

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  • Symbolism in Red Badge of Courage

    Symbolism in Red Badge of Courage

    When reading the Red Badge of Courage, it is necessary to understand the symbolism that Stephen Crane has created throughout the whole book. Without understanding the true intent of color use, this book loses a meaningful interpretation that is needed to truly understand the main character, his feelings and

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  • Symbols


    fddddd Symbols Symbols are objects, characters, figures, or colors used to represent abstract ideas or concepts. It is impossible to reduce the iconic complexity of Inferno to a short list of important symbols. Because the poem is an overarching allegory, it explores its themes using dozens, even hundreds, of symbols,

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  • Synagogue Visit

    Synagogue Visit

    I went to The Kesher Israel which is a modern orthodox Synagogue in Georgetown on November 15th to attend their 7:00 p.m. Thursday service which is considered Maariv because it was an afternoon service. The inside of the Synagogue looked very old fashion and somewhat like a regular Baptist church

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